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SMS App for Salesforce – SmartSMS

Salesforce sms app

Introducing Smart SMS from Girikon, a leader in Salesforce SMS Integration and Salesforce App Exchange Partner with experienced and certified Salesforce Consultants. Girikon sets up, configures, supports and get you moving ahead. Using a world leading CRM and a Smart SMS APP is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with your customers in this digital age.

This is truly a powerful asset for your Salesforce CRM that guarantees you a competitive edge!

The Salesforce SMS APP is available on the Salesforce APP exchange and developed on the Salesforce Platform and designed to provide the maximum benefit to users and SMS recipients alike.

Girikon has designed, built and deployed the Salesforce SMS APP to be robust in nature which ensures hassle free bulk and scheduled Salesforce SMS campaigns. Enjoy the speed in which the SmartSMS can send single SMS from Salesforce! Bulk Salesforce SMS and MMS campaigns opens your company to a world of possibilities.

Try our free trial period and experience this for yourself!

With the free trial period and you will see for yourself how the best SMS App for Salesforce can empower your teams to reach out to more customers faster while you focus on the next step and the most important in the sale cycle, the conversion of those lead.

Our experienced Salesforce SMS Integration Team have standard features in built without the hassle of the competitor’s less sophisticated Apps.

Key SmartSMS features are all included as standard!

  • Efficient download ready to use straight away with seamless integration to Sales Cloud the Smart SMS gives you the control and powerful SMS communication methods.
  • Customizable Salesforce SMS templates to assist with repeatable processes and functionally rich text.
  • Seamless single and bulk SMS from Salesforce Contacts, Leads and Accounts etc.
  • Advanced and consolidated repository view for all SMS activities to provide one view for all correspondence with prospects.
  • High level security including controls for user permissions, audit trails and SMS history.
  • SMS smarts such as optouts, scheduling, smart SMS chat windows and incoming SMS view all come standard
  • Sophisticated marketing automation using embedded Salesforce workflows and ensuring maximum benefits from the SMS campaign.
  • Salesforce Pardot built in interface providing seamless Integration for maximum campaign benefits.

Contact us to see how these features and the many more can make your SMS campaign a success!

With Girikon, a 5-star APP exchange listed partner you can be rest assured of 5 star dedicated and reliable Salesforce Support throughout.

Send SMS from Salesforce with the peace of mind that your Salesforce SMS will reach your customers faster, with quality content and the type of Salesforce Support that you would expect from a one of the most popular partner listed on the Salesforce APP Exchange.

For many customers who often send Salesforce Text Messages experience an increased campaign penetration and increased flexibility!

  • Estimated 200% increase in outreach to targeted customers using SMS/MMS
  • Flexibility in usage through automated workflows enables up to 60% more adoption by sales & marketing teams

Our experience and extensive research have proven that many prospects would prefer Salesforce SMS over other types of correspondence such as emails.

Using SmartSMS is the answer to Salesforce text messaging and you will have the power to convert these prospects into customers!

Empower your prospects and customers with short, crisp informative Salesforce text messages instead of long, descriptive emails and note the CSI rise!

Sending SMS from Salesforce has never been this easy, try the Best SMS app for salesforce for FREE

With a SmartSMS trial account, you will receive 100 free SMS Credits and one “FROM” number which will be valid for a total of 7 days.

For package/details, please contact us at

Girikon will help you with required setup guidelines and quick start guides.

 send sms from Salesforce
Single & Bulk SMS/MMS
Send Salesforce Single & Bulk SMS/MMS in batch of 200 on the click of the button from a list view or to all records of any Objects using Bulk SMS interface
Pardot integration
Expertly Salesforce SMS Integrated with Pardot which enables a seamless Marketing automation trigger to Send Single & Bulk SMS/MMS in batches of 200 without a click of any button.
Bulk SMS from any Objects to all records
Smart SMS give you the flexibility to link any objects and then send Single & Bulk SMS/MMS in batch of 200 on button click
SMS/MMS Automation through workflow
The Salesforce SMS integration enables simple workflow configuration, which can automate sending of Salesforce SMS or MMS
Create SMS Template
Sending SMS from Salesforce made easy with familiar and easy to create, customize and use SMS template with any object and related fields
SMS History
Sophisticated audit trail to ensure SMS history is available at both record and organization level
Works with standard or Custom object
SmartSMS will works with both standard or Custom objects
Localized “FROM” Number
SmartSMS built intelligent localisation suggestions of geography based local “from” phone numbers
Dedicated Support
Get moving faster and smoother with our dedicated support. SmartSMS has a favourable turn around for any support request
Lightning Ready
This Salesforce SMS App is supported on both Salesforce Classic and Lightning
SMS from Report
Standard Report suite includes a wide range of reports for single to bulk SMS campaigns
SMS Schedule
Automated Bulk SMS in built scheduler provides further flexibility for upcoming planned SMS correspondence.
SmartSMS includes a real time SMS conversation view which is user friendly providing up to date conversations.
Reply Directly from Email
SmartSMS is very convenient when comes to direct email replies which is done without the need to login to Salesforce every time, you can directly reply to SMS from e-mail

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