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Creating forms for Salesforce – GirikForm Builder

Collecting information from customers and employees is a critical part of running your business. However, if you find out that your business has wasted an enormous amount of time on building and creating forms, GirikForm Builder can save you from a lot of headaches!

GirikForm Builder is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Built using the platform, the App is known for its simplicity, efficient deployment and robustness.

GirikForm Builder requires little to no technical expertise to set up. Its high level of customisation means that your company’s forms are still consistent with your branding and create a good experience for customers.

Besides being easily captured, data can also be easily analysed and presented on Salesforce Dashboards and Reports to enable you to gather insights and make decisions effectively.

The GirikForm Builder App can be used for a variety of purposes including but not limited to industries such as Administrative Services, Health Care, Education (Higher Education, Vocational Learning and K-12), Manufacturing and Not for Profit.

With GirikForm Builder App, administration staff across different organizations can create templates for a variety of categories and proceed to create forms which could include questionnaires, surveys and for other specific purposes such as Audits, Enquiries (for internal or external stakeholders) and more.

Key Benefits
Reduce time on the double entry of key data

The GirikForm Builder is a powerful application, which helps you create forms and surveys in minutes and then captures the information on any Salesforce object be it standard (Lead, Account and Contact) or custom objects.

Reduce time on creating and re-creating forms

With GirikForm Builder, users can simply drag and drop fields in the interface to create forms including customising headers, footers, buttons, fonts, etc. Forms can also be cloned, reducing the need to recreate them.

Set up forms without technical expertise

Administrators with little to no technical expertise will find Form Builder very user-friendly and easy to set up.

Publish the Forms anywhere

With GirikForm Builder, you can publish forms, including surveys and questionnaires on a variety of websites and/or enterprise management systems.

Provide built-in flexibility vs out of the box functionality

GirikForm Builder provides users with more flexibility than Salesforce’s standard out-of-the-box functionality where the choice of objects is limited.

Capture data in your Salesforce instance the easiest way

With GirikForm Builder, you will have the capability to create forms, and link them to any object in Salesforce through drag and drop functionality with additional out-of-the-box objects to capture non-Salesforce data.

Key Features

The questions or forms developed can be accessed through generic portals or Salesforce Community Cloud.

Besides, the data collated can be accessed through the Salesforce administration home page.

Another great feature of this App is that the sections and the questions within the Templated Form can be mapped to Salesforce objects and object fields in the Salesforce Database to ensure all the data are captured. The GirikForm Builder also comes with a standard object, which can also be used if additional information is captured outside the Salesforce Database.

The data captured can be used for multiple purposes including data flowing to 3rd party software, reporting and analysis. The Salesforce Administrator has access to the structured and collated data to be used for the intended purpose.

Other Key Features
Lightning Enabled

The app runs well on both Salesforce classic and Lightning platform.

Data Storage

Data can be stored against any fields in Salesforce.

Drag and Drop Functionality

The app enables drag and drop functionality for both creating forms and mapping to objects.

Flexibility in Publishing Forms

Forms can be published on a variety of portals and solutions.

Dashboards and Reports

Data gathered can be easily analysed and presented on Salesforce Dashboards and Reports for management and administration.

Customised Branding

The app allows customised branding (header and footer) including uploading image files.

Customised Individual Questions

Individual questions can be customised regarding fonts, button types, colours and highlights.

Additional Usability

Form can be divided into sections and segmented for additional useability.

Question Scores

The app is capable of adding question weightings, scores and individual responses.

Security Settings

Data can be linked to Company Hierarchy, setting security levels for viewing data and responses.

Supporting Questions

The app can be used for branching questions.

GirikForm Builder is as easy as 1,2,3!

Here’s how you can get started
Step 1:
Download GirikForm Builder

at Salesforce AppExchange and get started straight away.

A Salesforce Consultant will be in touch within 24 hours to provide assistance if required.

Step 2:
Design/Create Question templates

The templates include configurable question types include the following attributes such as Text, URL, Picklist, Checkbox, Slider and many more.

Step 3:
Map Questions to Salesforce Objects:

Map to Salesforce objects through drag and drop functionality.

Ready To Create Forms For Salesforce Using Form Builder

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