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Girikon’s guaranteed Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce Consulting

Girikon, a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner in Australia we understand the Salesforce Solution. Girikon also understands how using cloud applications can help your business.

Girikon’s global reach allows our consultants to lead complex projects, offer expert consulting services, innovative tailor-fit enhancements and automations. Integration, data migration services and quality dedicated support are offered as part of our services.

We offer a outsource/offshore resource models which provides you with a cost advantage and flexibility. This ensures you can focus on your core business and guarantees a quality outcome every time!

Our global team of 170+ is made up of seasoned professionals striving to provide excellent services to their customers. With over 400 projects completed to date we continue to invest in our people. Through training and certification we have a proven record that our model works every time. As system integrators and specialist we have the capability to services all customer’s needs across the Salesforce Platform.

Our global team of 170+ and growing is made up of seasoned professionals striving to provide excellent service to all their customers. We have invested in our people, training and have a proven record that our model works every time.

Our Certified Salesforce Consultants:

  • Give you assurance that they have the required knowledge and experience.
  • Provide you the right advice and design a solution that is best for your business.
  • Place customer requirements and needs first in front of everything else.
  • Understand that every business is unique and will endeavour to address the needs of each of its customers.
  • Understand that business processes, technology and data presentation tools are necessary to make well informed business decisions.

As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner and operate from offices in the USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

slesforce consultancy partner
Salesforce consulting Company

Girikon is different due to its global presence and local approach.

Based in four continents we provide a global reach without losing its nimble approach. We take discovering your business very seriously. We are proactive and have the required experience and knowledge to deliver a cost-effective and quality solution.

Our approach guarantees success

We continue to focus on our end-to-end processes which results in a seamless and replicable delivery model. Girikon have the experience to ensure you vision is realised and provides you with the innovation required!

Visualize your business in the future!

Girikon can help you plan for new initiatives and develop a strategy to turn these into reality. You will be surprised how quickly we can plan and execute a Salesforce Platform Strategy!

Girikon’s team of Certified Salesforce, Developers, Consultants, Business Analysts, Quality Engineers and Projects Managers guarantee customer success.

With the right kind of support, planning and execution, smooth supported Go-Lives and a team ready to delight.

Along with Technical prowess, Girikon works tirelessly on internal processes that have proved to strengthen our global delivery model. As a Salesforce Consulting Company our teams are well coached in Agile practices and ceremonies.

We have a collaborative work culture, are accountable, have solid repeatable processes and are transparent in all our communications. This is how we build all our relationships.

Salesforce Consulting
Salesforce Consulting
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Salesforce Consulting & Development Services

Salesforce implementation Partner

Salesforce Consulting in Australia & New Zealand

With a team of Experienced and Certified Professionals in Australia, we make Salesforce Implementation and Consulting services simple. We provide a Cost-Effective solution for our customers.

Why not engage Girikon to assist you with your legacy system re-invention on the Salesforce platform.

Our experience ensures your data is transformed and then captured during your business process. Your data is then presented in a format that can be consumed by the users. Your system is also automated to reduce unnecessary overheads.

It all makes sense when you are confident in your data. You can make informed decisions about your business and focus on the right direction. Read More…

Salesforce implementation Partner

Sales, Service & Community Cloud

Girikon, an implementation partner specialise in setup and customisation of Sales and Service processes. With the ability to customise your software we will provide you with control over your business.

Visualise where you want your business to be and we will translate this into reality sooner than you would expect. Collaborating with your customers through a custom Salesforce Community Cloud portals will provide you with more customer insights and understanding. Read More…

Salesforce implementation Partner

Salesforce CPQ

Girikon offers extensive experience in Salesforce CPQ Solutions.

Girikon’s Certified Functional Consultants have the experience to guide you through the automation of your quote to cash processes. By engaging with our experts you will be given the tools and know how to operate your business with ease. Your company will ultimately gain a competitive edge.

Salesforce implementation Partner

Salesforce Billing

A return of investment (ROI) is our primary focus. Our experts will help you streamline your quotes & contracts, orders and invoices on the single Salesforce platform. Your organisation will have a powerful revenue recognition tool providing you with the insights required to run your business effectively.

Salesforce implementation Partner

Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Salesforce Pardot

Girikon fosters the organisation’s customer acquisition and demand generation initiatives for your B2B marketers. Girikon has proven end-to-end service offerings across the Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Salesforce Pardot suite.

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services in Melbourne, Victoria will help you develop a strategy.

Then we will Implement an intuitive Salesforce Marketing Cloud which best suits the way you do business. Read More…

Salesforce implementation Partner

Custom Salesforce Lightning App Development

Our team have multi domain experience and have a highly acclaimed expertise and Lightning Accreditation. Our customers are our partners and we endeavour to drive huge reductions in development cost and reduce the Time-to-Market.

Girikon focuses heavily on the discovery and requirements gathering phase in order to provide accelerated delivery timelines and further reduce costs. Read More…

Salesforce implementation Partner

Salesforce Integration (MuleSoft)

Girikon’s Certified Professional Consultants in Melbourne, Victoria assist with integration of customer’s systems ie. cloud or on premise applications using both cloud APIs, connectors and middle ware. Data driven strategies are a major focus for us.

Girikon is a MuleSoft partner and certified which gives you the competitive edge by ensuring your Salesforce Solution is seamless. Read More…

Salesforce implementation Partner

Salesforce Data Services (ETL)

Girikon a Salesforce silver Consulting Partner offers a Data Services Practice when it comes to handling CRM data. Our experience in Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading is second to none.

Girikon uses tools such as Talend etc. We believe clean and usable data transforms the way you do business and provides you full control of your business.

Girikon’s empowered and diligent

Salesforce consultants

will leverage their Salesforce Platform knowledge and technical prowess to help clients achieve the following:

  • Sales Process Automation to ensure Salesforce best practice. This includes Lead nurturing, pipeline management, alerts with inbuilt intelligence, enhanced team collaboration and performance management.
  • Enhanced data management practices driving advance Sales and Revenue forecasting
  • Automation of Salesforce CPQ and Billing Process including engaging quotation, invoice distribution without re-work, contracts management, lighter touch renewals management
  • Exceptional and fulfilling Customer Service through Order Process Automation
  • Partner and Customer Self-Service branded portals enabling better collaboration and accelerating procurement, and more efficient sales channels for partners. This will ensure there is efficient sharing of knowledge and close collaboration with partners and customers
  • Artificial Intelligence including Einstein powered analytics and rich dashboards. AI is the real game changer with quality insights and recommendations for the organisation about your customers.
  • Streamlined Services via Automated and Streamlined Case Management services. This includes case consoles and multi-channel case routing for agents and tracking service history.
  • Marketing Automation with extensive and personalized customer journeys.
  • Salesforce Mobile App with branding and responsive will enhance the experience for customers, partners and employees.

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