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Girikon’s Guaranteed Salesforce Consulting Services

Girikon, a reputed IT services company, offers result-oriented solutions with a focus on Salesforce solutions. Based in Australia, the company has a presence across the USA, Asia Pacific, and New Zealand. The company provides innovative and tailor-made solutions to help organizations meet their business objectives. Apart from this, Girikon also offers integration, data migration, and quality dedicated support.

As a reputed Salesforce partner, our onshore and offshore resource model provides clients with flexibility and cost benefits. This ensures you can focus on your core business while enjoying the desired outcome.

Our global team of 200+ people includes Salesforce consultants, architects, developers, administrators, and quality analysts who strive to provide excellent services to their clients. With over 400 projects accomplished, we continue to invest in our people through regular professional development and specialised certifications. As system integrators and specialists, we can fulfil all the needs of our customers across the Salesforce Platform.

Our Certified Salesforce Consultants:

Provide you the assurance that they have the required knowledge and experience.

Provide you the assurance that they have the required knowledge and experience.

Provide you the right advice and can design a solution that is the best fit for your business.

Provide you the right advice to design a solution that meets the specific needs of your business.

Prioritize customer requirements and needs.

Prioritize customer requirements and needs.

Understand that every business is unique and will endeavour to address the needs of every customer.

Understand that every business is unique and will endeavour to address the needs of every customer.

Understand that business processes, technology, and data presentation tools are necessary to make well-informed business decisions.

Understand that business processes, technology, and data presentation tools are necessary to make well-informed business decisions.

Girikon is different due to its global presence and local approach.

What sets us apart from our counterparts is our global reach while being nimble in our approach. We are highly proactive and have the required experience and knowledge to deliver a cost-effective and quality solution.

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Our approach guarantees success

We continue to focus on our end-to-end processes, which results in a seamless and replicable delivery model. Our seasoned team of professionals ensures your vision is realised and provides you with the innovation required!

Visualize your business in the future!

Girikon can help you plan for new initiatives and develop a strategy to turn these into reality. You will be surprised how quickly we can design and execute a Salesforce Platform Strategy!

Girikon’s team of Certified Salesforce, Developers, Consultants, Business Analysts, Quality Engineers, and Projects Managers guarantee customer success.

Proper Planning and Support for Ensuring Desired Delivery outcomes

We work tirelessly to improve our internal processes that have strengthened our global delivery model. As a Development Company, our teams are well versed in agile practices and ceremonies.

We have a collaborative work culture, are accountable, have solid recurring processes, and are transparent in all our communications. This is how we build our relationships.

Salesforce Consulting
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Year In Business

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Salesforce Consulting in Australia & New Zealand

Our team of experienced and certified professionals in Australia makes Salesforce Implementation and Consulting services hassle-free and straightforward. We provide a cost-effective solution for our customers. As one of the best Salesforce implementation companies, we assist you with your legacy system re-invention on the Salesforce platform. Our experience ensures your data is transformed and captured during your business process. Your data is presented in a format that the users can consume. Your system is also automated to reduce unnecessary overheads, which ensures that data integrity is attained. You can make informed decisions about your business and focus on the right direction.

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Sales, Service & Community Cloud

Girikon, a reputed Salesforce implementation partner, specializes in the setting up and customisation of Sales and Service processes. By helping you customize your software, we help you better control your business.

Just visualize where you want your business to be, and we will turn your dream into reality sooner than you realize. Collaborating with your customers through a Salesforce Experience Cloud will provide you with intelligent customer insight and understanding.

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Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Girikon offers extensive experience in Salesforce CPQ Solutions.

Girikon’s certified functional consultants have the experience to guide you through the automation of your quote to cash processes. By engaging with our experts, you will have access to appropriate tools. You will also learn how to manage your business, which will help your company to gain a competitive edge.

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Salesforce Billing

A greater return on investment (ROI) is our primary focus. Our experts will help you streamline your quotes & contracts, orders, and invoices on the single Salesforce platform. Your organization will gain access to a powerful revenue recognition tool while providing you with the insights required to run your business effectively.

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Custom Salesforce Lightning App Development

Our team has the multi-domain experience and is Lightning Accredited. We consider our customers to be our partners as we endeavour to drive a huge reduction in development costs besides the time-to-market.

Girikon largely focuses on the discovery and requirements gathering phase to provide accelerated delivery while reducing costs.

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Salesforce Pardot

Girikon fosters customer acquisition and demand generation initiatives for your Business to Business (B2B) marketers. Girikon has proven end-to-end service offerings across the Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Salesforce Pardot suite.

By using our Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Salesforce Pardot suite Services in Melbourne, you will be able to develop a robust strategy, following which our team will implement an intuitive Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Salesforce Pardot suite that best meets your business objectives.

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Salesforce Integration (MuleSoft)

Girikon’s professional and certified Consultants in Melbourne, assist with integrating customer’s systems, i.e., cloud or on premise applications, using cloud APIs, connectors, and middleware. Data-driven strategies are a major focus for us.

As a certified MuleSoft partner, we assure our customers of seamless Salesforce solutions.

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Salesforce Data Services ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)

As a reputed Salesforce Implementation Partner, Girikon offers a Data Services Practice when handling CRM data. Our experience in data extraction, transformation, and loading is second to none.

We use robust tools such as Talend etc., and we believe that clean and usable data transforms the way you conduct your business, thereby providing complete control of your business.

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Girikon’s empowered and diligent Salesforce experts leverage their Salesforce Platform knowledge and technical prowess to help clients achieve the following:

Based on specific challenges and goals of a business, a Salesforce consultant provides recommendations and informs about the costs and benefits associated with each solution. They then develop a roadmap for implementation and ensure the solutions are delivered successfully. They also provide staff training to empower them to handle Salesforce with ease.
A Salesforce Consulting Partner houses a team of certified and experienced Salesforce consultants, architects, and developers, who are fully capable of configuring and customising your platform to meet the current needs of your company. With knowledge about the latest Salesforce tools, features and releases, they can also help you optimise ROI and take your business to the next level.
During 8 years of operation, Girikon has serviced many industries, such as education, nonprofits, commercial and wholesale, construction and building services, finance services, and healthcare. Our Salesforce experts have gained extensive experience in multiple industry-based Clouds such as Education Cloud, Non-Profit Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, and Health Cloud.
As a HIPAA-compliant, ISO 9001 & ISO 27001-certified organisation, Girikon has extensive experience in delivering high-quality solutions to businesses across different industries. We’ve received a 4.9/5 rating on Salesforce App Exchange thanks to all the love and support from our satisfied customers.

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