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Collaborate with your most important stakeholders – Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is a great way to share information and collaborate with key stakeholders in your business. These key stakeholders could include customers, partners and/or employees.

Communities can carry many names such as a portal, a help site, HR hub depending what it is used for. Salesforce online Community Cloud is a place to form a connection with important people in business.

Why not utilise the Lightning drag and drop functionality or develop you own branded Visualforce pages!

There is also an ability to create multiple community spaces for different purposes. As an example, you could create a support, channel sales or a dedicated community for upcoming event. Ask our Consultants how to get started with a Salesforce Community’s Implementation.

For the smaller enterprise or NFP that requires an implementation within weeks it might be worth considering a Salesforce quick start implementation click here. See inclusions and community cloud lowest pricing.

A Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation can transform your business

Salesforce Communities can transform your business into a social enterprise. By enabling a branded space your employees, customers, and partners can connect, collaborate and share information on the Cloud

Girikon a Salesforce Partner Community Cloud will ensure personalisation, seamless integration and quality branding.

Which will become an engaging space were your corporate identity is extended!

After you choose Girikon as your trusted Partner we will assist your organisation by developing a strategy. Girikon will begin with design of your social roadmap and incorporate your organisation’s vision, goals and objectives. Defining a strategy for adoption is key for the organisation’s community.

After a strategy is completed the Implementation Salesforce Communities is then delivered according to roadmap. This roadmap includes a launch date, progress monitoring and ongoing health checks.

Our Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation includes the following services:

Strategy, Adoption Roadmap and Solution design for Salesforce Community

A strategy and roadmap is key for user adoption and Girikon will deliver on the following:

  • Identify the organisation’s vision
  • Workshop community goals, users/actors/stakeholders
  • Design and adopt branding
  • Ensure design and encourages collaboration
  • Workshop user experience models to meet business needs
  • Develop a Community strategy including solution, adoption and overall roadmap
  • Conduct initial impact analysis on the current business process and systems. Design an overarching Community architecture system design incorporating business and identify key features
  • Develop detailed specifications and flows for systems and process including Salesforce Integrations to other platforms for maximum benefits
  • Define and develop Community governance models for the user, content management and overall community processes
  • Define and design advanced security models which may also include Single Sign-On (SSO) for internal users

Salesforce Communities Implementation, Deployment, Transition and Support Services

Salesforce Communities Implementation includes the following activities:

  • User and role mapping
  • Customisation including UX design if applicable
  • Seamless integration with social media platforms
  • Internal records systems setup
  • Set up of user security model
  • Development of role-based dashboards which will enhance reporting capabilities.
  • All content will be migrated from the existing knowledge management system
  • Monitoring of success through pre-defined metrics and criteria
  • Hyper support through the launch period and user/technical support for the Salesforce Communities Portal after launch.

The above will ensure smooth transition, adoption by all existing stakeholders including customers and partners of the Salesforce Communities Portal.

Try Girikon’s Salesforce Community Cloud quick start implementation package here Salesforce Community cloud pricing is as low as $3100 and timeline for Implementationapproximately 1 to 3 weeks.

Why choose Girikon as your Salesforce Partner Community Cloud

Quality with On Time Delivery:

Girikon, an ISO 9001 company is committed to quality delivery outcomes. Our systems and process are continuously improved to ensure a superior service to all its customers from the entire business

Girikon’s Expert Consultants deliver on-time and every time whilst maintaining a quality standard.


Girikon’s Salesforce Consulting team is made up of 150+ dynamic, experiences and qualified professionals. We have years of experience in IT, keep abreast of leading Technology Platforms and unmatched industry experience. We boast 80+ individual Salesforce Certifications and are proud of the five-star Customer Testimonials. Collectively we have delivered over 400 salesforce projects.

Girikon’s Salesforce Communities Consultants can work onsite with strong offshore capability. Our customers are many and range from top corporate entities large scale programs to small nimble companies wanting sophisticated innovative solutions.

Onshore/Offshore Models:

Girikon’s business model has been designed to effectively save companies thousands of dollars whilst maintaining quality solution. Our onshore team of Salesforce Developers are supported by our Offshore Salesforce Development Team which seamless on time delivery. Read about our engagement model and benefit by a myriad of combinations for onshore and offshore teams. This also ensures the flexibility required by customers to achieve their goals.

Girikon maintains a high level of quality with significant cost reductions in comparison to its competitors. Using our Onshore Salesforce Developers can be rewarding and therefore an option and to ensure a very successful project delivery outcome.

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