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Use Salesforce Pardot for your Marketing Campaigns

Are you concerned that your B2B or B2C marketing campaigns are not hitting the target? Are you looking for marketing automation and better lead generation? Do you know how many times prospect interact with you website? Do you know what your ROI of your marketing efforts? Salesforce Pardot offers the following and much more.

  • Ability to create important connections with your future customer
  • Ability to tailor advertising and the ability to produce meaningful data to better understand your prospects
  • Generate meaningful pipeline reports
  • Provide the right tools for your sales team to close deals.

At Girikon our Pardot Implementation specialists are equipped to help you drive demand through using Pardot Marketing Automation.

Girikon’s Salesforce Pardot Consultants are experienced and leverage Salesforce Pardot and optimise to ensure increased marketing effectiveness for customers. Marketing Automation assists with generating quality sales-ready leads which will ensure an accelerated return on your Marketing investment.

Use Girikon’s Pardot services to assist you with leads management. Get more leads, make every campaign dollar count and deliver personalised content. Your organisation will then be able to harness a demand which can be generated from Pardot. Girikon’s expert Consultants can also help you develop initiatives to increase your competitiveness through the various end-to-end offerings.

Ask us about our Pardot Case Studies.

We can provide you with examples of how our Certified Salesforce Pardot Consultants helped businesses successfully implement Pardot. In a recent project Girikon’s Salesforce Pardot Implementation team configures and recently a major online sales & purchase house with multiple offices across the US.

The key highlights and features included in the most recent case study:

  • Pardot synchronisation with Sales Cloud including keeping the prospect’s data updated.
  • Automation of emails based on end user attributes.
  • Engagement of prospects through programs based on email handling behaviour.
  • Interactive landing pages and understanding of your customer’s behaviour.
  • Lead scoring models-based on email sends.

Our Salesforce Pardot Consulting services include:

Girikon’s Salesforce Pardot Consulting Services include the following:

  • Campaign management and strategy consultation
  • Review As-Is Business Process and development of To-Be Processes
  • Salesforce platform solution design and set-up

Girikon’s Salesforce Implementation team will take care of the on-boarding

  • Design and implementation of business processes to get you moving ahead with the Salesforce platform
  • Quickly drive measurable outcomes
  • Assist your organisation adopt industry and Salesforce best practices
  • Equip your team by training at a basic level through to advanced Pardot platform usage techniques

Girikon’s expert Salesforce Consultants can also provide specific and creative services such as

  • Brand awareness and building through management of an effective campaign
  • Personalised email marketing to guarantee customer engagement
  • Design and deliver quality content through HTML development
  • Develop lead scoring and nurturing models including implementation
  • Assist with predictive web strategies

Girikon’s Pardot Marketing Automation Services is top quality which will give you back time to focus on building your business. Other Pardot services include:

  • Salesforce Data Cleansing, Data Migration and Data Management
  • Automation customisation using programming giving you the competitive edge rather than configuration
  • Intelligent Multi-Touch/Channel Program Automation

Contact Girikon, a Pardot Partner which will take your marketing initiatives to the next level!

Why Choose Girikon:

Girikon is Salesforce Consulting Partner and an ISO 9001/ISO 27001 certified organisation. Girikon is committed to quality outcomes and provide superior services across the Salesforce Platforms and your entire business. We are proud of delivering on-time whilst maintaining our quality standards.

At Girikon our Salesforce Consultants work onsite and/or offshore. Our Salesforce Consulting services range from implementing large E-Business programs to implementing sophisticated solutions for small to medium businesses.

Girikon’s team comprises of 170+ expert professionals who have the experience in Information Technology and experience with leading Technology Platforms. We have many individual Salesforce Consultant Certifications and have five-star Customer Testimonials and references across the globe.

Girikon’s engagement models are designed to guarantee a cost-effective and quality outcome. Our Pardot Expert Consultants and offshore Salesforce Consultants ensure quality and on time delivery of your solution. This flexible model ensures we meet your needs and requirements.

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