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Specialised and Simplified Salesforce Integration Services

Are you looking for an Integration specialist? Does your search end when you find a partner that carries the necessary tools, skills and knowledge?

Your search ends as Girikon’s certified consultants understand the technology platforms you use. Girikon will assist you to build an effective digital transformation strategy!

Girikon is an Implementation Partner who understands that there is a rapid increase of cloud / mobile / social platforms. Business owners are often left to their own resources to develop a seamless solution for their organisation.

Our Salesforce Integration Services are cost-effective! Our Integration Consultants assist with bringing together a solution across multiple applications and technology platforms.

Salesforce Integration Services

Girikon set itself apart by believing in delivering only scalable and simplified solutions at a competitive cost.

When our Salesforce Integration Consultants deliver a scalable solution, they ensure both internal and external systems are seamlessly integrated.

Once you integrate Salesforce the solution provides a collaborative experience and the data flows are streamlined and real time.

Girikon’s Salesforce experts ensure effective governance is achieved across all business processes.

Girikon’s Salesforce Integration Services Team are experienced using Middleware and Connectors Technology

Middleware technologies are critical when connecting with legacy systems, cloud, SaaS applications, and ERP and CRM.

As a Salesforce Integration Company, we have extensive experience with Middleware Technologies that eliminate complexities. Girikon ensures a right mix of integrations between each system. Girikon will take accurate data formats and protocols into consideration.

Connector Technology enable seamless and highly effective two-way communications.

As Salesforce Integration Partner we take advantage of our experience in creating custom Connectors and Adaptors.

We also design and develop custom data integration tools to meet the business requirements. Integration Strategies

In this digital age, organisations should be shifting focus from APIs to a Strategic whole solution approach. This will to increase the value in services, increase user efficiency and get ahead of the competitors.

Our Salesforce Integration Consultants work with customers to develop a whole solution approach. Girikon takes into consideration multiple API technologies and Integration Platforms. Girikon then designs and plans a custom integration bespoke to each customer.

Girikon ensures our customers are the winners because they provide solutions to a set of unique challenges and requirements.

Why Distinguishes Girikon from other Salesforce Integration Partners

Cost Effective Model:

Girikon’s Integration Services delivery model is cost-effective where quality outcomes are guaranteed. Girikon sets up for customer success. Girikon’s maintains a high standard when it comes to implementing its delivery practices.

Quality with On Time Delivery:

Girikon is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified which is a commitment to quality and security. We always aim high when it comes to delivering quality outcomes. Our focus in on continuously improving and providing exceptional services to all customers large or small.

Experienced Team:

Girikon’s Certified Consulting team comprises of 170+ of the most dynamic, qualified and professionals with highly relevant experience. Girikon’s experience with 3rd party applications and Technology Platforms is an advantage when it comes to Integration.

Girikon hold 80+ individual Certifications and our five-star Customer Testimonials across the globe makes us proud. Girikon is a Salesforce Integration Company and has delivered many Salesforce CRM Projects as a Systems Integration Partner. Ask us about our experience and case studies.

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