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Salesforce Inbox

Free your Sales reps from admin tasks by empowering them with Salesforce Inbox.

Girikon’s Salesforce Integration Services enable seamless connections between Salesforce and your current systems and expand the functionalities of your CRM.

Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce Inbox
About Salesforce Inbox

Salesforce Inbox is a CRM email connector, a paid add-on to the Salesforce Email and Calendar Integration. Integrating Salesforce with Outlook or Gmail and Google Calendar already helps reduce the duplication of admin work that your sales reps have to do for both environments and lower the risk of making errors in manual data entry.

Moreover, adding Salesforce Inbox to Outlook/Gmail Integration will give your sales team access to additional features such as automated meeting scheduling, email tracking, productivity, and analytics features.

For more information about Salesforce Outlook Integration or Gmail Integration, please visit our blog.

Salesforce Inbox boosts efficiency and gives your sales team more time selling and connecting with customers.
Salesforce Inbox
Automated Meeting Scheduling
Salesforce Inbox
Email Tracking
Salesforce Inbox
Salesforce Inbox
Features of Salesforce Inbox
1. Einstein Activity Capture
Capture every touchpoint in Salesforce automatically

Sales activities, including emails and events will be automatically added to the activity timeline of related leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, contracts and quote records.

Contacts and events can be synced so that sales reps have access to the most updated contact and scheduling data.

Salesforce Inbox
2. Contextual CRM
See relevant CRM records in Inbox

Your sales reps can see relevant content about Salesforce contacts, such as Accounts, Opportunities, and sales cycles to understand the context of the person they are communicating with while sending the relevant information or selling the relevant products or services.

3. Availability Inserting
Schedule hard-to-get meetings faster

With Insert Availability, reps can provide prospects multiple available slots to avoid back and forth emails when trying to schedule an appointment.

If some reps do not have time to email their availability, they can give their teammates their calendar access to schedule meetings on their behalf.

Salesforce Inbox
4. Email Tracking
Stay connected to customers

Email shortcomings, such as the lack of subtle, non-verbal cues can be mitigated because Email Engagement Tracking feature for Salesforce Inbox acts as body language for email communication.

Sales reps can track email opens, as Read Receipts are sent the moment a prospect opens an email. Besides, reps can also add one or more links to an email and get notified once their customers click on the links.

Moreover, an engagement timeline for each customer is created to give reps a comprehensive view of when, where, and how many times a customer has engaged with an email.

5. Templates and Mass Email
Save time on sending personalised email

Easy access to email templates from both Salesforce and Outlook/Gmail environment saves sales reps from drafting a whole new email.

Moreover, they can send personalised 1-to-many emails with just a few clicks .

Salesforce Inbox
Salesforce Inbox
6. Mobile & Desktop App
Manage customer communications anywhere

Sales reps can also create new records, such as New Event, Contact, Opportunity, Case and Lead without leaving Gmail or Outlook. Also, as they have access to Salesforce both on mobile and desktop devices, they can always add and update data about customers and prospects on the go in real time.

Implement Salesforce Inbox today to enhance the experience for your customers and improve the outcomes for your sales team.

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