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Salesforce Higher Education Solution:
Student Application Management

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, around 1.3 million students enrolled themselves at various Higher Education institutions in Australia. Higher Education institutes in Australia are therefore under the pressure of processing an enormous number of applications that are sent by applicants of different age groups, at different stages of life, and from different nations.

The admission team has to work meticulously on a huge number of applications, which they receive every year. Besides enormous documentation work, the team also has to consider multiple parameters and discuss them with members of the recruiting team before shortlisting a candidate.

However, admission staff members have to deal with data silos i.e. information is stored in different programs, making it extremely difficult for them to seamlessly manage the application process. This calls for the need of having in place a robust student application management system that can provide the admission staff with a single view of each applicant. With a reliable student application management system in place, admission staff can heave a sigh of relief as they no longer have to manually evaluate applications based on predefined criteria as many aspects of application processing are automated, saving enormous time spent in communicating with each other.

If you too have been through a similar plight, our Student Application Management Solution can be the answer to your problems.

About Girikon’s Student Application Management
About Girikon’s Student Application Management

Girikon’s Student Application Management is configured using Salesforce products including Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and the Salesforce EDA. Girikon’s Student Application Management is specifically designed for the Higher Education industry and is used extensively by Higher Education providers. To understand how this solution can enhance the user experience for both your admission team and applicants, please refer to our ‘Student Application Solution for higher Education Case Study’ and ‘Student Application Management Case Study’

Key Benefits of Student Application Management Solution

Our Student Application Management Solution simplifies the entire admission process and ensures transparency for prospective applicants. Some of its key benefits include:

Agents' Lifecycle

Team members can collaborate with one another to review applications


Data and documents are shown in a single view

Single Platform

Reviewers can submit recommendations in one click.

Automation and Notification

Student data can be synced in Student Portal and Audit Report.

Student Application Management also provides your staff with the Admission Engine, which evaluates applications based on a set of pre-defined rules. This solution categorises applications into different levels of risk and saves your staff members plenty of time that they used to spend on assessing applications manually, communicating back and forth, and making decisions before reaching back to the applicants with other software.

Admission Engine

Our Admission Engine automates the application evaluation process while ensuring accuracy and transparency. Each application contains enormous information about the student’s personal details, chosen courses, languages for communication, education, residence, country of origin, marital status, and more.

Automate your student admission process with our Student Application Management Solution and give your staff more time on building connections with and providing support to prospective students.

The following infographic illustrates how Girikon’s Student Application Management Solution assists admission staff evaluate applications and reduce wait time for students, giving them a great experience interacting with your institute.

Student Application Management’s Key Features
Agents' Lifecycle
Sending application form link

Admission staff can send the application form links from Salesforce Environment to the students.

Filling in student application form

Students, agents, or staff members can fill in the student application form with information such as courses or packages, contact details, language, ethnicity, education, and employment.

Single Platform
Viewing student application

View applications in the application tab to assess applications, issue offer letters, and Confirmations of Enrolment (CoEs).

Automation and Notification
Capturing reference data

Use the system to capture the list of all acceptable exam details across all institutes.

Automation and Notification
Setting Entry Criteria

Build the Academics Entry Criteria or English Language Entry Criteria from a list of rules, e.g., setting criteria for IELTS or PTE scores.

Automation and Notification
Creating GTE rules

Create the Genuine Temporary Entrance from a list of rules regarding age, marital status, English weeks, etc.

Automation and Notification
Creating Rule Configuration

Create Rule Configuration with Base Parameters and Entry Criteria (English, Academics, GTE Rule).

Automation and Notification
Assessing student

Once the student submits an application, the auto Admission Engine will run in the background for that application.

Automation and Notification
Classifying student application

Based on Assessment Outcome, the system can classify student applications into different stages with risk-based colour marking.

Automation and Notification
Creating Promotion

Create promotions for courses based on categories, institutes, countries, and regions.

Automation and Notification
Sending offer letters

Choose among multiple types of offer letters to compose and send to specific applicants.

Automation and Notification
Scheduling payment

Enter the necessary details and click on ‘Generate Schedule’ to Generate the Payment Schedule for a particular student.

Girikon’s Student Application Management Solution helps higher education institutes manage enquiries, and recruitment processes effectively.

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