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Girikon became a member of the Partner Advisory Board

In March 2022, Girikon, a Salesforce consulting partner since 2014, was delighted to become a member of the Salesforce Partner Advisory Board. The Partner Advisory Board is a council of staff and partners working to help Nonprofit and Education organisations spanning across APAC overcome their everyday challenges.

It is indeed an honour to be a member of this prestigious board, which gives Girikon a valuable opportunity to provide feedback and voice their ideas with Salesforce. By becoming a member of the Advisory Board, Girikon once again proved their commitment to the Pledge 1% initiative for Not-for-profit organisations. They also look forward to implementing multiple solutions for numerous organisations that are parts of the Salesforce ecosystem by leveraging the expertise of their Salesforce specialists.

Salesforce Ecosystem

Salesforce Ecosystem comprises of all the organisations that supply products and services related to Salesforce implementation, including Salesforce employees and partners.

Salesforce customers and prospects benefit from having Account Executives, Customer Success Managers, Support and Solutions Team that act as trusted advisors listening to their business challenges, understanding their goals, creating solutions, forming growth strategies, maximising their return on investment, and providing technical support at any time, or anywhere.

Besides, the Salesforce Partner Community is larger than any other partner ecosystem of any tech company in the world. Salesforce customers can profit greatly from independent software vendors (ISVs) who build innovative apps on the Salesforce platform, consulting and integration partners who implement and integrate Salesforce with existing operating systems together with training users, and cloud resellers who offer specialised knowledge regarding local markets and support the whole customer lifecycle.

Because Salesforce has a variety of stakeholders, the Advisory Board’s mission is to ensure success for all Salesforce customers, partners, and employees. Accordingly, Girikon is currently working towards forming lasting relationships with the various Salesforce stakeholders.

Building trust and transparency with clients

Trust and transparency are the underlying principles on which the board operates, and Girikon hopes to bring the same level of transparency to their customers. Girikon defines themselves as a provider of not only products and services, but also experience. They always want to ensure their industry-aligned solutions are well-crafted to solve their clients’ business issues while helping them achieve their goals and save costs as much as possible. At the same time, they focus on building relationships and maintaining communications with customers as those are critical to gaining the clients’ trust. That is why Girikon adheres to the Hybrid Agile model that allows their clients to give instant feedback, thus keeping the projects within their scopes and timeframes.

Building healthy competition and collaboration with other partners

As the board aims to transcend ordinary competition between consulting partners, Girikon collaborates with other Salesforce partners to identify the current issues in the ecosystem and find solutions to those problems. The board meetings are opportunities for attending partners to connect and relate with others, where every member can see that each one of them has their unique capabilities and differentiation. All board members also cooperate to identify white spaces within the Education and Nonprofit industries so that they can position themselves in those gaps and build their capabilities in areas where prospective customers have yet to receive help.

By joining Partner Advisory Board, Girikon is contributing their knowledge and resources to building and improving the current Salesforce ecosystem for all Salesforce customers.

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