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Salesforce for Education Solution:
K-12 Education Service Desk

Over the last few years, the K-12 Education Sector has experienced a lot of transitions including shutdowns and interruptions. The increasing demand for delivering content, engaging students, managing their well-being, and evaluating their performance in remote learning settings has put intense pressure on schools’ Technical Support departments.

As a reputed Salesforce Partner, Girikon has developed the K-12 Education Service Desk Salesforce for schools solution to enable the efficient and effective management of technical issues arising from the growing use of technology in schools.

About Girikon's K-12 Education Service Desk

About Girikon’s K-12 Education Service Desk

Technical Support for K-12 schools undertaking remote learning has proven to be incredibly challenging when managing multiple requests and demands from students and staff.

Girikon’s K-12 Service Desk Solution is configured using Salesforce Essentials Cloud designed for the Education industry and is used extensively by Education Providers to support their Technical Departments.

About the K-12 Market in Australia

According to UNESCO, by the end of March 2020 over 1.5 billion pupils, or 87% of the world’s student population across 165 countries had been affected by school closures caused by COVID-19. In Australia, K-12 schools have experienced shutdowns and interruptions in the states and territories. In Victoria and NSW, the extent and period of closures have impacted the way students have participated in class activities and other extra curriculum activities. During early May, only 3% of children in Victorian government schools were in attendance, whereas the Northern Territory had returned to normalcy with an attendance level of 79%.

The Technical Support department for K-12 schools undertaking remote learning has increasingly become a challenge. Technical team members who provided support for a vast number and a variety of software products distributed by education departments across the country also had to deal with an increasing number of security protocols for the safe delivery of learning content.

These Technical Support departments play a key role in dealing with the administration of support responses and resolutions for the continued influx of issues from teachers, students, and admin staff running the school.

Some Problems within the K-12 Market

Due to the short-term impact of Covid 19 and the growing digitisation of the education market, IT Managers and Technical Support teams are increasingly under constant scrutiny about response and resolution of technical issues with software and hardware used by K-12 schools. In all jurisdictions across Australia, there is often a single technician focussing on many students, teachers, and administration staff members, attending to their day-to-day needs and sometimes strategic projects to improve the digital experience. This is not limited to public schools and is increasingly seen in larger public and private K-12 colleges.

K-12 Education Providers need a platform to be able to prioritise, respond and resolve issues for all stakeholders contributing to student engagement during these challenging times.

Girikon has developed the K-12 Service Desk Solution to enable the efficient and effective management of technical issues arising from the growing use of technology in schools.

Girikon’s K-12 Service Desk Solution has several benefits in comparison to other ticketing systems.

Lightning Service Console
Lightning Service Console

Boost agent productivity and deliver everything agents need to close cases faster, all on one screen.

Case Management
Case Management

Help agents manage cases, by assigning a case to an agent as soon as it is created, escalating a case, and closing a case when it is solved.

K-12 Education Service Desk Solution
Knowledge Base

Get the right answers to the agents and customers faster, by enabling the standard Knowledge and Help Center in the Salesforce Org to publish articles for more efficient issue resolution.

Accounts/Contacts Management
Accounts/Contacts Management

Show a complete view of your customers, including activity history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions.

Web and Email Case Capture
Web and Email Case Capture

Streamline case generation through both emails and web to cases.

Omni-Channel Routing (Basic)
Omni-Channel Routing (Basic)

Automate routing of work items (cases, leads, or other works) to the most appropriate agent based on employees’ skill set and availability, and work items’ priority levels.

Leading Management
Leading Management

Track, filter, and qualify new prospective customers.

Customisable Reports and Dashboards
Customisable Reports and Dashboards

Assist staff in making more informed and consistent decisions with real-time custom pipeline reports and dashboards.

Salesforce Education Cloud is highly configurable and can be implemented quickly, providing schools a low investment choice with high returns on investment and high satisfaction from staff and students.

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