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About Us

Girikon is a Salesforce Consulting Partner. We have three ingredients for success; our people, our processes and our leading technology knowledge which is a proven formula for customer satisfaction.

Girikon is an Information Technology Consulting Company with offices across the Globe. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Girikon help companies maximise their business success.

Our Global network of offices allows our Consultants to respond quickly to customer’s requirements with a view to delivering a quality outcome. Girikon also works with leading technology partners to continue to develop expertise on latest offerings. Some examples of this exist with Salesforce Einstein, MuleSoft, Commerce Cloud etc. The focus on continuous improvement has kept us at the forefront of technology for almost a decade.

Our Vision

Girikon believes in delivering scalable and simplified solutions at a competitive cost.

Our vision is to continue being a trusted partner across the globe and multiple industries by enabling our customers and partners to maximize their business success through our foundation through our people, our disciplined processes approach and our experience and knowledge.

Our Ingredients for Success

☆ Girikon’s Formula Equals Customer Satisfaction ☆

At Girikon our people are our foundation to success.

Girikon has invested heavily in their management systems to provide our customers with the peace of mind.

Girikon has partnered with leading technologies to provide our customers with expertise unmatched in the industry.

Our Value Proposition

We give you Competitive Pricing which give you a low-cost option

We guarantee Quality Solutions which gives you peace of mind

We have Great Customer Testimonials and Experience

Who We Serve?

Large or Small – Customers are our number ONE priority

Girikon is Salesforce Consulting Services Company who are primarily focused on providing consultancy for clients using the Salesforce Solutions across the globe.

Girikon also provides services for Oracle, Microsoft, Mean, Atlassian, Mobile APPs, JAVA, PHP, ASP, .NET, Data Management, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

Our services suit customers large or small with multiple platforms and Salesforce a leading CRM at the central of these. Our current group of customer range from large enterprises implementing E-Business programs to small-medium enterprises including start-ups.

Our featured list of clients includes Informa, Blackboard, HP, Omnicom and Method. We are a trusted partner to much more than our featured list.

Delighted Clients

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