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An excellent choice for your Salesforce Development Services

Girikon are an excellent choice to be your Salesforce Development Partner. We are a Software Development Company and will meet your requirements with the following services:

  • Salesforce Development
  • Salesforce Implementation
  • Salesforce Support
  • Salesforce Integration.

Girikon’s experienced Salesforce Developers and Architects ensure your Salesforce Implementation is made simple, more automated and less onerous.

Girikon’s delivery approach provides you with flexibility. It is your choice as to how to establish a balance between an onshore and offshore development model.

Girikon is Salesforce Development Company which provides you with the assurance of accelerated delivery timelines. This always leads to huge reductions in costs and Time-to-Market.

Girikon a Salesforce Development Company gets Salesforce Customisation right the first time

Girikon’s offshore Salesforce Development Services team have a unique combination of Apex and Visualforce skills and experience across industries. We are innovators and are constantly striving to automate and streamline the solution ensuring efficiency gains. Our team can simplify even the most complex business processes. Girikon’s goal is to assist you to uses the full potential of the Salesforce CRM. Girikon will also show you how best use Salesforce’s established features.

Girikon have years of experience developing custom features through our onshore / offshore development team. Girikon’s team have the right skills and attitude to enhance standard Salesforce applications. Girikon delivers enhanced custom solutions at a competitive costs.

Develop a Business Strategy and Execute with Girikon

Girikon’s approach is to assist with the development of a Salesforce CRM Adoption roadmap. A clearly defined Strategy including Transformation and Change Management approach will bring you success. Girikon guides you to engage with customers, employees and ultimately transform the way you do business. Our methods are guaranteed and can redefine business practices with the aid of a software solution to meet your goals.

Girikon is not matched with the depth and breadth of Salesforce Consulting Expertise. Girikon has proven experience in implementing solutions for businesses in any industries. Our application development services easily translate your business requirements or pain points into real outcomes and real solutions. These solutions extend the boundaries of possibly, drive innovation in your business and provide positive results for your bottom line.

Salesforce Integration Services

Girikon’s offshore Salesforce developers are equipped to assist enterprises integrate their systems with the Salesforce CRM solution. This could be cloud computing or on-premise applications using both cloud APIs and/or middleware e.g. MuleSoft.

Girikon undertakes an end to end Discovery Phase to understand the intricacies of the future solution aligned with the business process. Our Salesforce Architects then assess, design the customised integration and Girikon’s Implementation team then implements by the following steps:

  • Design and development of cloud computing APIs or middleware integrations
  • Develops and deploys the integrations
  • Conducts integration quality tests
  • Then monitors and managers the integration solution to ensure it is to the satisfaction of the customer
  • Enhance integrations as required

Salesforce Data Management

Girikon’s Offshore Development team has experience and are well-equipped to undertake the most complex Salesforce Data management projects.

Girikon’s Salesforce Data Management services includes data extraction, data cleansing, data de-dup, standardisation and validation. Custom solutions for other databases are also achievable. The result being a data import to your Salesforce platform. Girikon has many years’ experience and provide innovative solutions, data stewardship and delivers a quality result.

Salesforce Mobile App Development

Girikon’s Salesforce Apps are listed on the APP exchange and some custom built according to your requirements. These APPs are 5 star rated and listed on the Salesforce APP exchange.

With the development of Mobile APPs, Girikon assists you in opening the doors of business possibilities and opportunities. Our Salesforce App Consultants combine the platform with powerful mobile technology presence.

Girikon will empower your business with seamless, scalable, and a secure mobile ecosystem for your sponsors, executives, employees, and partners.

Girikon’s Salesforce Implementation services include:

Consulting Partner for Salesforce

We listen, we explore and get a clear understanding of your business, systems in use and Salesforce CRM products. Girikon understands your vision for the future, your targeted client base and the current and anticipated traffic volumes. We develop business process maps, use case scenarios and understand your budgetary constraints.

Girikon’s Salesforce Consultants recommend a Salesforce adoption strategy, innovative solutions and a licence packages suiting your users, products and budget.

Sales & Service Cloud Implementation

At Girikon we believe a successful sales strategy is what help convert your opportunities. An effective customer service strategy alternatively assists in the retention of customers.

With this in mind:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud makes the difference in engaging to prospects and customers.
  • Salesforce Service Cloud enhances your capabilities to improve service productivity and excellent customer services.

Our expert consultants will setup, configure and customise the Sales & Service Clouds and ensure they are the businesses supporting pillars. The solution will then be automated and optimised through business workflows taking into consideration roles, approvals and correspondence templates. Custom reports and dashboards can be very effective and provide you with holistic insights into your business.

Why Girikon as your best choice Salesforce Development Partner?

Girikon’s Salesforce Developers work onsite and offshore. We are proud of our 5-star testimonials from our many and varied customers. Girikon’s development experience is over 150,000 days in Salesforce Projects including implementation, integration, migration, customisation and development.

Girikon’s delivery model is guaranteed to ensure you a cost-effective and quality outcome. Our onsite Salesforce Consulting Services are supported by our Offshore Development Team. By combining these onshore and offshore models Girikon ensures there is flexibility and will always meet your requirements.

We maintain a high level of quality with the cost advantage in comparison to our competitors using a similar model. Using a 100% offshore team is rewarding for you with the ability to grow the team instantly as the need arises.

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