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Salesforce for Construction and Building Services

We are Girikon, a reputed provider of Salesforce consulting, implementation, and support services. As a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, we understand the need for digital transformation, as well as the pitfalls associated with it within your industry.

About the Australian Construction and Building Service Industry

The construction and building services industry is one of Australia’s largest and most important sectors. Numerous houses, schools, workplaces, healthcare and aged care facilities have been built, equipped, repaired, and maintained for Australians to use and live in. In Australia, by June 2021, there were 410,839 businesses in the building and construction industry, creating more than 1,196,000 jobs and generating a whopping revenue of AU$ 463 billion.


The building and construction industry suffered severe setbacks with the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, the industry has to deal with numerous difficulties, including labour instability, global supply chain disruption, adverse weather conditions, and high dependence on construction loans.

In addition to these external threats, many building firms nowadays face several challenges due to data in disparate systems, low-maturity business processes, or rapid growth.

Salesforce for building services

Many companies store data in notes, emails, spreadsheets, or multiple third-party systems.

Salesforce for building services companies

Different departments in companies store data separately.

salesforce for building industry

Some companies also have difficulty managing their sales pipelines.

These common practices in the industry might result in data silos and duplication, inefficient workflows and lost opportunities, wasting companies’ resources and hindering them from maximising revenues.

Girikon’s Salesforce for building services solutions bring clarity to an industry full of uncertainties.

Over the years, as a Salesforce partner, Girikon has helped construction and building services companies:

salesforce for construction companies
Create a single source of truth

We integrate Salesforce with separate existing systems to allow team members of our clients access the centralised data they need to work effectively.

Standardise the business processes

We standardise business processes that work not only from the standpoint of employees’ productivity, but also from the perspective of customers’ experience.

Manage Business Development Pipelines

We create reports and dashboards in Salesforce that enable our clients to identify and monitor leads, forecast the expected value of opportunities, and focus effort on pursuing important prospects.

We have extensive experience working with companies that provide the following services:





Emergency and Safety Audit

Emergency and Safety Audit



Girikon not only implements Salesforce for construction industry, but also helps clients identify upselling or cross-selling opportunities.

Industry Case Studies

Salesforce for construction
Salesforce for Construction Companies Case Study

The client approached Girikon to help integrate their organisation with an existing instance of Salesforce Sales Cloud. The client chose to partner with Girikon due to the organisation’s experience of working with building

Salesforce for construction industry
Sales Cloud and Pardot for Built-Form Advisory Firm

The client approached Girikon for the implementation of their Salesforce Instance and the adoption of the software so that they could achieve a 360-degree view of their customer journeys. Girikon was approached by

Salesforce for construction companies
Sales Cloud for Building Services Case Study

After their initial Salesforce implementation with another partner, the client realised they still lacked visibility into their business development pipeline. The client chose Girikon due to their ongoing and successful efforts in helping building

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