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Girikon’s Journey as a Salesforce Partner

Girikon, a reputed Salesforce Consulting Partner has been in the Salesforce consulting space since 2015. Over the years, our Salesforce practice has grown from four founding members to a strong 300-member consultancy company. Our Salesforce journey has so far been a fulfilling and exciting one! We have worked with organisations of different sizes from small and medium-sized enterprises to large organisations across different industries. Our team members are experts in Salesforce and are trusted by our customers as we provide them with solutions specific to their business, besides ongoing advice and consulting services.

Like other Salesforce Partners, we are authorised by Salesforce to deliver customised Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and integrate these solutions into our clients’ systems. With an experienced team of Salesforce-certified Consultants, Administrators, Architects, Developers, and Marketers, Girikon strives to ensure that our clients receive a high-quality product within the stipulated timeframe.

One of the many reasons why Girikon receives a lot of love and trust from our clients is because they are aware that they might not know all the benefits and pitfalls around their digital transformation, and Girikon will always be there for them. Especially when they start thinking about setting up Salesforce, it can become a bit complicated as Salesforce provides a variety of products, role-based such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Experience Cloud and industry-based such as Education Cloud, Non-Profit Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, and Health Cloud. Additionally, Girikon provides post-implementation support to our clients to help them move to the next stage in a simple and hassle-free way.

Our Capabilities

Experienced Consulting Partners like Girikon can help your company gain insights into its needs, navigate the process in a simple way and maximise investment returns. Over the past seven years, Girikon has built strong capabilities in many areas, including:

Providing Expert Implementation

Our implementation services include configuration, migration, integration, and support for organisations across different industries, such as education, not-for-profit, healthcare, construction and building services, finance, manufacturing, and more. Girikon’s implementation experts help organisations develop business plans and strategies to achieve the most effective implementation.

Providing Quick Start Service

Our Salesforce consulting team offers this service for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), where we onboard them to the Salesforce Platform, guide them on best practices to leverage Salesforce for their business goals, and give their users training to make a smooth transition.

Delivering Custom Salesforce Solutions

As we sit down with clients during discovery sessions, we identify processes that are unnecessarily manual, and data that are stored in different departments and different platforms, resulting in huge data decision gaps, thus costing employees more time to communicate with each other before making a decision. We have delivered several solutions that enable documents to be handled seamlessly, data to be stored in a single platform, and reports and dashboards to be easily created for quick decision making. Our solutions in the education sector include K-12 Education Service Desk, which enables schools to manage technical issues effectively and Agent Management and Onboarding, which helps institutes partner with quality student agents while reducing the cost of managing and evaluating them.

Developing Products

We have developed two products available on the Salesforce AppExchange: Smart SMS and Form Builder. These apps require little technical expertise to set up and provide a high level of customisation to pave way for personalised communication and excellent customer experience.

Streamlining Processes

Girikon has helped not-for-profit clients automate their donation, receipt, and email processes and helped educational institutes manage enquiries and recruitment processes effectively. Streamlining external and internal processes can be a lifesaver for organisations with limited budgets as it amplifies their impacts on the public, provides them with meaningful reports to make informed decisions quickly, and saves their time and resources for more pressing tasks.

Improving End-Users’ Journeys

We also help improve the journeys of our clients’ customers. Our educational clients’ student journeys, from enquiries to alumni, are greatly improved since students have more opportunities to interact with course advice and service team. Constituents and volunteers have better experience with organisations as both emails and receipts are automated and delivered promptly. Ultimately, the improved experience for end-users encourages them to choose our clients to study at, donate to, or do business with.

For more insights into how Girikon helps organisations streamline processes and improve end-user experience, please visit Girikon’s Case Studies.

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