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Lightning to Classic – Are you ready to make the switch?

Get Lightning ready and harness the real power of Salesforce Platform.

The Salesforce Classic to Lightning transition brings along with it the following:

  • UX upgrade
  • A mobile first approach
  • Overall reduction in clicks
  • Additional drag-and-drop features resulting in an accelerated Lightning design and development.

Our Salesforce Lightning Developers love to see delighted customers and by using the new Lightning features the Salesforce Platform is brought to life!

Salesforce Lightning provides the possibility of higher productivity, smarter workflows, a great UX and accelerated app building capabilities! Why leave the switch to chance? Ask us how Girikon’s Lightning experts to help you get on the Lightning bolt.

Switching from Salesforce Lightning is a choice that is needed to take advantage its capabilities. Once you have decided to adopt the Salesforce Lightning bolt during a new implementation or after years of using classic.

Girikon will develop a strategy that will align with your organisation’s objectives. Our expert consultants we be on the journey with you and we guarantee a cost-effective solution. Investment returns are key for the hard-earned effort.

Our Salesforce Lightning Services team are experienced and certified


Accredited Salesforce Lightning Consultants

Girikon’s team are experienced, Salesforce Certified and Lightning Accredited. Our team consist of Salesforce Consultants, Architects, seasoned Business Analysts, Scrum Masters, Developers, and Administrators.

Girikon vision is to build strengths and capability in Implementation, Customisation for added automation, APP development, and Salesforce Integration always using leading technologies.

Our Salesforce consultants are passionate and build applications to solve real business problems. Their eye is on enhancing business performance and giving their customers a competitive edge.

Girikon’s Salesforce Lightning Consultants have the experience and skills to collaboratively create a Lightning Strategy. Our years of experience will help to create a carefully thought through plan and leverage the following functions:

  • Lightning Components
  • UX/UI
  • Sophisticated workflows

And ensure a maximum Return on Investment for your organisation!

App Development with Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Developers are specialist in developing Lightning-ready, tailor fit Salesforce apps, and managed/unmanaged package apps. Girikon’s Salesforce Lightning Development team have the AppExchange expertise. We use this specialty to develop Lightning Apps for start-ups to large enterprises and deploying Lightning ready applications.

Our offshore Salesforce Development team has developed Salesforce Apps available now on the Salesforce APP exchange. Where there is need in the market our team brings it to life and shares it with the greater Salesforce Community.

Multi Device Experience

Girikon’s Salesforce Consultants live and breathe technology, innovation and are a proud of the successes achieved over time!

Girikon can manage the existing and solution and transforming it to mobile, Lightning-ready solution with a responsive UI/UX across multiple devices.

Girikon’s Salesforce Developers enjoy seeing their customers smiling when they bring the Lightning solution to life!

Lightning Community Portals

Lightning brings with its new features and additional capabilities. It has never been a better time to upgrade to Salesforce Communities!

With a Salesforce Classic to Lightning upgrade you will realise improved workflows and a better overall user experience. The upgrade’s benefits include:

  • Mobile first approach
  • Overall reduction of clicks
  • Drag-and-drop components
  • Accelerated Lightning design, development and deployment.

Girikon certified Salesforce Development team guide you through a detailed discovery phase. The team can then design a bespoke solution for your Salesforce Communities to your specific needs.

Lightning Ready Customisation

Girikon can assist to transition a highly configured and in-use Salesforce Classic solutions. Let Girikon untangle the mess created by others. Our Certified developers have expertise and will design, re-engineer to enable Lightning compatibility and re-deploy the Salesforce customisations. This will ensure our customers take advantage of the new Lightning features, capabilities and user experience.

Why choose Girikon to transition you to the Lightning Experience

Girikon a Salesforce Consulting Company based in Australia and Development Centres in India. Girikon is Salesforce Lightning Accredited!

Girikon’s commitment to Quality Management through ISO 9001 certification and Data Security Management ISO27001.

You are in safe hands with Girikon which many years’ experience in the IT industry. Girikon continuously invests in people, its processes and management systems.

Girikon is current with the demands of a Global Information Technology Industry. Our team is already at the forefront on cutting edge technology.

We are accredited and certified with in leading technology brands, platforms, systems and solutions. We have committed to quality outcomes, security and knowledge.

Girikon provide you with the right level of analysis, understand your business and develop a detailed plan. Our Salesforce Administrators then allow you to automate including the configuration of the Salesforce Lightning Process Builder.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of all the Lightning benefits!!

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