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Salesforce Higher Education Solution:
Student Success Hub

Students’ engagement is a crucial element in the international student management journey leading to their retention and successful accomplishment of the courses they have enrolled in. However, higher education students may not always have enough attention and support from course advisors and the service team to keep them on track, and we strive to change that.

As a reputed provider of Salesforce Consulting and implementation services, Girikon takes pride in being the first Salesforce partner to implement this solution for educational institutions in the APAC region.

About Girikon’s Student Success Hub

Girikon’s Student Success Hub Solution is configured using Salesforce products including Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, Einstein AI, and the Salesforce EDA. As a reputed Salesforce partner, Girikon is committed to helping your institute implement the Student Success Hub to increase the support that students receive from advisors, as well as the student service team.

About Girikon’s Student Success Hub

Paving Way for a Digitally Enabled Student Journey

Key Benefits

Student Success Hub will improve your students’ experience in every aspect. The student journeys can be significantly more…


Students are assigned customisable Success Plans to complete tasks suitable for their academic levels and goals.


Students can manage their journeys by scheduling appointments with the Appointment Scheduling Wizard, viewing their Success Plans, and checking their upcoming Tasks.


Students are placed at the centre of support provided by the Success Team assigned to them.


With Pathways, students can work with staff to plan the courses they need to take to stay on track and meet their degree requirements.

Other Key Features that Keep Your Students More Engaged
Agents' Lifecycle
Mobile Student Portal

With access to crucial information, such as appointments, cases, and tasks on mobile devices, students can stay informed and take action earlier and faster.

Conversational Chatbots

The chatbot adds a layer in keeping students alert by proactively sending SMS task and appointment reminders.

Single Platform
Sentiment Surveys

Surveys gather students’ feedback on several aspects of college life so that your institute can maintain and improve the quality of program and support offerings.

Student Success Hub also enables your advisors and teaching support staff to understand students deeply, cooperate effectively, and focus their efforts on the student or task that needs immediate attention.

Manage data easily

Data from emails, Student Management Systems (SMSs), and Learning Management Systems (LMSs) can be stored in a single platform, reducing the number of screens staff members need to access and share data.

Understand students deeply

Student Record gives support staff a comprehensive view of the student, with data collected from all integrated systems.

Cooperate effectively

Advisors can keep track of the support that students have received from others with Case Management, Queue Management, and Advising Notes to follow up and take further action.

Focus efforts

At-risk students who might need more attention are notified to academic resource staff by Early Alerts to receive help early.

Gain critical insights

Reports and dashboards can be tailor-made to provide insights into students’ engagement and performance.

Student Record

The Student Record provides numerous critical insights that advisors need to know to answer enquiries, resolve cases, and support students in planning their learning and career paths.

Implement Student Success Hub from today to enhance the experience and outcomes for both your students and staff.

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