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Australian Commercial and Wholesale Industry

We are Girikon, a reputed provider of Salesforce consulting, implementation, and support services. As a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, we have extensive experience helping B2B businesses navigate around pitfalls in their digital transformation journeys.

Customers’ Expectations in the Australian Commercial and Wholesale Industry

Customers’ happiness and satisfaction are important factors that decide the success of your business in this industry. Your customers may have various requirements and expectations, but overall, they would love to receive:

Proactive support

Compared to B2C, B2B reps have to be more active in contacting leads and asking about their needs to close deals.

Personalised relationship

Personalised treats, such as personalised emails and promotions make your customers feel truly valued by your company.

Simplified ordering process

Wholesale ordering requires more details than retail ordering. However, as your customers are short on time, streamlining your ordering system is crucial.

Fast order fulfillment

Your customers want their orders to be fulfilled fast, so a reliable inventory and shipment process is essential.

Our mission is to help our clients provide satisfying services to their customers.

As an experienced Salesforce partner, Girikon not simply implements Salesforce for wholesalers, but also helps clients

Create Complete View of Customers

We unify and merge customers’ data from different systems into one comprehensive record to create a 360-view of customers, including their browsing history and engagement with your marketing efforts.

Determine Lead Lifetime Value

We build reports and dashboards in Salesforce that enable our clients to identify and monitor leads, forecast the expected value of opportunities, and focus effort on pursuing important prospects.

Personalise Customer Experience

We create a single source of truth for your sales team to keep track of your leads with a sound understanding of their jouneys and needs in order to provide them with proactive and personalised support.

Simplify Ordering Process

We help your sales team simplify the ordering process for your customers by configuring the Quote Approval Process, setting up Product and Pricing rules, and automating Discounts. Product Bundle configuration also allows your sales team to create the right bundled quotes for customers, increasing opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Provide Stock Availability and Prediction

We integrate Salesforce CRM with your existing Inventory System to give your customers visibility into real-time product availabilities. Your inventory managers can also benefit from having real-time data to review levels of supplies and perform inventory forecasts accurately.

A more simplified, customised and supported journey for your customer means a faster sales cycle and a bigger deal size.

We have provided satisfactory services for commercial and wholesale companies in the following areas:

Sport equipment and courts

Flooring products and services

Concrete preparation and coating sales

Machinery sales and hire

Health products for animals

Fresh produce market

Improving customer experience is a long-term journey that requires ongoing efforts, but its rewards are worthwhile. Let Girikon accompany you in that journey.

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