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Girikon is now a part of a corporate philanthropy movement that considers the community as a key stakeholder. As a responsible member of the Pledge 1% movement, we unquestioningly agree to pledge 1% of our employee time for the improvement of communities we live and work in. We believe that a small commitment today can go a long way in making a significant impact tomorrow. We pledge to:

  • Donate 1% of our time for the upliftment of the underprivileged people of the community we are a part of.
  • Participate in events and initiatives that are focussed on the betterment of the disadvantaged and welfare of others by pledging 1% of the time of our employees annually.
  • Support non-profit organisations by promising 1% of our resources and services.

As a part of the Pledge 1% movement, Girikon is committed to providing all Not-for-Profit organisations (NGO’s) that make contact with us a 1% Donation of our time towards any of Salesforce support services. To discuss your requirements and avail quality services and discounts, please contact the team at Girikon on 1300 336 888 or


About Pledge 1%

The Pledge 1% is a corporate philanthropy movement that encourages organizations and entrepreneurs to create a positive impact on the communities they live and work in by pledging a small amount of their future success in form of profits, employee time, etc. With this, organizations strive to make a meaningful commitment to the society. In 2014, the founding partners of Pledge 1% decided to collaborate with the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado to promote the shared vision of all businesses to integrate philanthropy into their DNA. In 2016, the pledge 1% initiative went on to become an interesting initiative of ‘Tides’– a global philanthropic organization.

Our Initiatives

Menstrual Hygiene Day
Menstrual Hygiene Day

Girikon organized and sponsored an event i.e. World Menstrual Hygiene Day by collaborating with an NGO named Human Touch Foundation for Women on the 28th of May 2019, in a village based in Greater Noida, India. The event was organized to create awareness regarding the stigma surrounding periods and the importance of menstrual hygiene among the women belonging to the downtrodden and underprivileged communities. The event was presided by an esteemed panel of renowned doctors who shared illuminating insights on menstrual hygiene. We concluded the event with the free distribution of sanitary napkins and stationery items among women and children.

Food Distribution Drive
Food Distribution Drive

The world is distraught by the current Covid-19 pandemic, which has impacted the lives and livelihoods of millions of people across the globe. However, it is the downtrodden community that has borne the brunt of the pandemic. As a responsible member of the community, Girikon strives to do its bit by contributing to the community in a meaningful way. We teamed up with Human Touch Foundation for a food distribution drive to provide for the poor and needy.

Other Not for Profit Organisations we Support

The Australian Jazz Museum (AJM) is a non-profit organization that is focussed on preserving Australia’s jazz heritage by collecting, archiving, and disseminating everything that has to do with Australian jazz. The mission of the museum is to collect all sorts of videos, concert materials, recordings, memoirs, books, etc. and everything related to Australian jazz. These rare collections are gathered to make it accessible to collectors, donors, musicians based across Australia.

The museum seeks to encourage the younger generation of jazz musicians to contribute to their collection making it a heritage for the future generation. AJM continues to grow due to its donors, volunteers, and members whose generosity and constant efforts have made this museum a go-to place for jazz enthusiasts.

Bully Zero is a bullying prevention non-profit organization based out in Australia and is committed to preventing all types of bullying across the nation. The organization works towards delivering cyber safety and bullying programs at schools, workplaces, sporting clubs, and community groups to create awareness about bullying and its impact on the mindset of young people. Established in 2012 by a group of passionate individuals, Bully Zero offers evidence-based bullying programs that are delivered by qualified teachers. The organization is endorsed by the office of the eSafety Commissioner and WorkSafe Victoria.

freemasons victoria

Freemasonry is the oldest and largest existing fraternal organisation in the world. With a rich history to draw from, Freemasonry is also a vibrant, modern organisation that has changed with the times.

Freemasonry is a worldwide society that has brought together millions of people in a fraternal manner, of all nations, religions, political beliefs, and all social backgrounds.

It comprises an estimated 6 million members worldwide with over 8,000 in Victoria. Modern Freemasonry traces its origins to before the 17th century and proudly preserves the traditions it has inherited from those times. These traditions make Freemasonry unique within the community.


Kwinana Early Years Services better known as KEYS is an organization that is dedicated to advocating the rights of children and their families. Set up in 1993, KEYS has played an instrumental role in building upon the strength and prowess of families including parents, caregivers, and children. The organization focuses on empowering parents and communities to bring a positive change in their as well as the lives of children. The non-profit organization that works primarily for the betterment of families in Kwinana and Rockingham, offers multiple services that focus on child development, parenting, and quality education.

As a community development organization, 1Mission is committed to helping people living in poverty an opportunity to earn a house by encouraging them to serve the community they are a part of. The organization is driven by its volunteers, staff, and other team members whom they seek to empower so that they can reach their full potential and abilities.

top blokes foundation

Top Blokes Foundation is on a mission to improve young male health and well-being. Top Blokes Foundation work with groups of boys and young men over 3 to 6 months to increase their resilience, empathy, and respect for self and others, and in doing so work to reduce the rates of suicides, mental health issues, antisocial and risk-taking behaviours.

Top Blokes Foundation evidence-based group mentoring programs are delivered by qualified and experienced youth workers and have been developed especially to engage and educate boys and young men. Top Blokes Foundation’s goal is to mentor and develop their critical-thinking and decision-making skills, as well as normalise a definition of masculinity beyond “strong” and “stoic” to improve young men’s relationships with themselves and those around them.

TGen (The Translational Genomics Research) Foundation is a non-profit organization that is committed to accelerating genomics research and other biomedical discoveries to shape the future of healthcare. The organization strives to promote innovation in a way that positively impacts the lives of patients and their dear ones in a meaningful way.

The World Learning – an international non-profit organization is committed to empowering institutions and individuals to address the most pressing issues of today’s era such as poverty, illiteracy, inequality, and conflict. The organization strives to bring a positive change in the community through its various programs that are designed to bring a positive outcome through sustainable development, education, and exchange.

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