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Salesforce for Education Industry

We have years of experience working with education providers across Australia. We understand the complexities of the Australian Education industry and strive to help institutes improve their stakeholders’ experience each day.

At Girikon, we believe it is essential for education institutes to implement a robust platform that can provide administrators, students, teachers, lecturers, and parents with proven data architecture and the required flexibility through the Salesforce Education Cloud.

Our enquiry, application, admissions, RPL, scholarship, agent, service desk solutions provide institutes with proven outcomes for student onboarding and management.

About the Australian Education Industry

Globalisation has pushed the education industry to evolve rapidly, with the growing number of education institutions pivoting towards remote learning.

Australian education institutes, like the U.S institutes, offer world-class standards in education, quality of life and employability, which make them attractive to students looking for a bright and promising future. Over the years, the Australian education industry has become a hub for both domestic and international students as it offers high standards in curriculum and highly qualified faculties. Although applying to Australian institutions is simple, a little patience and careful planning may be required to ensure a hassle-free admission process.

The Australian education system offers both domestic and international students with primary, secondary and higher education. While students with Australian citizenship have access to high school programs, English language courses, TAFE (Technical and Further Education) courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programs and more, international students are also eligible for a wide range of study options across all disciplines in Australia. Irrespective of what and how long one is studying in Australia, the industry supports quality education and security for international students.

Besides a well-developed K-12 (pre-school to Year 12) segment that supports over four million students and 300,000 teachers employed in over 9,500 education institutes, Australia boasts many esteemed higher education institutes. These institutes function under forty-three different universities, out of which forty are government-funded, two are international, and one is privately funded.

As a reputed name in the Salesforce consulting and implementation space, Girikon provides comprehensive student, agent and alumni management solutions to address the pain points of student recruitment, admission, support, and international agent onboarding process while helping educational institutes grow efficiently and affordably.
Salesforce for Education
Our Agent Management and Onboarding Solution can help in managing more agents, attracting more students to your institutes while reducing the risk of ‘rogue agents’.

For international students seeking admission into an Australian educational institution, student recruitment agents, especially local agents, tend to play a crucial role as prospective students prefer to collaborate with them during their higher education journey.

Educational institutes that partner with agents enjoy numerous benefits and opportunities. However, it also involves a level of risk as partnering with one ‘rogue agent’ can cause considerable damage to an institution’s brand reputation, misinformed students, and more. Therefore, assessing and managing student recruitment agents are essential and are generally a significant overhead for any educational institute.

Girikon has developed effective and efficient management solutions to assist with assessing and managing student recruitment agents on the Salesforce platform. The platform developed also ensures efficient of students, right from filling up the application through the enrolment process and beyond.

Besides, we pride ourselves on the development of other successful Education Solutions, including our Student Application Management, K-12 Education Service Desk, and Student Success Hub.

No matter what education service your institute provides, we can help you implement Salesforce Education Cloud to automate and streamline processes.

No matter where your students are on their learning journey, from Enquiring to Alumni, their experience can improve greatly with your Implementation of Salesforce for Education Solution (Education Data Architecture).

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