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Business Processes Services (Business Process Outsourcing)

Girikon’s Business Process Services (BPO) ensures our customers derive the greatest possible value from the programs that they invest in. Girikon offers a detailed BPO service to prospective or existing clients requiring an industry specialist to understand and document the organisation’s business processes. Girikon’s Consultants use market leading tools and have the appropriate knowledge to accurately capture and detail the Business Processes.

Girikon believes that “A successful outcome is only achieved by executing a program in the right manner not just executing the right program”.

Girikon’s analysis phase includes the development of business process documentation including AS IS and TO BE as a critical step prior to entering solution design stage. See Development and Implementation Methodology for more information.

In some instances, prospective clients require the business processes to be documented as part of the preplanning and scoping phase. This activity is priceless before purchasing or implementing new systems are seeking a solution to suit your business practices. Inhouse Business Process Development can be cumbersome when a fresh perspective is required or the inhouse does not have the expertise to develop this important artefact.

Call or contact Girikon to learn more about the BPO services on offer and our consultants will provide you with a cost-effective solution to ensure you are executing in the right manner.

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