The Client is an international non-profit organization that focuses on educational development of students through their exchange programs. The Client wanted a solution that could streamline their processes including managing the complete student application process, approval process, and payment tracking. The Client partnered with Girikon to create a robust student application management solution that not just did away with the inefficiencies of the existing system but also improved operational efficiency. Girikon utilized Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA), Salesforce Sales Cloud and Community cloud to create a solution that helped the client to manage multiple applications created for managing multiple programs across the globe, on a single platform.

The Problem

Girikon’s team of Salesforce Consultants and Subject Matter Experts handling the development and implementation of the customised CRM solution utilized the Education Data Architecture. They faced several complexities including the following:

  • Managing multiple programs run by the organization across the globe on a single platform
  • Managing the complete student application process for different programs including everything from user registration to information gathering.
  • Maintaining data integrity to ensure security of confidential user data.
The solution

Girikon developed the solution using Salesforce Education data Architecture (EDA) and is designed to manage multiple applications using optimised fields and API callouts.

The solution allows for full customization to prevent the branding while making it flexible enough to maintain the data integrity of every individual business units.

The solution amalgamates multiple technologies, consolidates work-processes, and synergizes cross offices and locations while automating the student application process for every individual program. The CRM solution which leveraged the best of both the new and modern interfaces i.e. (Salesforce lightning and Salesforce classic) enabled portals that supported branding of every program, configurable content management systems, and unique community URL’s.

The solution integrated Data mappings that were maintained in the same objects using Salesforce Record types, along with accessibility that was maintained using profiles and permission sets. Other functions such as workflows to trigger field manipulations, formula fields to access cross reference fields and process builders to triggers Email delivery were also integrated in the solution

Student Application Management Case Study

Student Application Management Solution delivered by Girikon

Solution Inclusions and Features

Implementation of Education Data Architecture Model

Managing multiple applications on a Single Salesforce Platform

Complete management of application data and enrolment including application criteria validation such as language, location, multiple educational programs, application review checkpoints, scholarships, references and application & program fees, and parent control modules.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Multiple branding and application built on standard Lightning components

  • Customised User Interface (UI)
  • Built to support branding for individual Students
  • User-configurable content management.
  • Parents control modules
  • Language configuration including language based on URL location
  • Access to multiple courses and applications
  • Field save state to all information and data captured.

PayPal integration – Payment gateways for all payments including Application and Course fees

Data Management

Efficient ETL process set-up, implementation and management, diverse sources including: Flat files (CSV, XML, JSON, COBOL, EDI Fact file, txt file etc.), Relational Databases, API (Rest/SOAP), Systems (Salesforce/ PayPal), any custom API or Cloud (AWS/Google) etc.

The Outcome

Team of seasoned professionals at Girikon created a robust student application management system by utilizing the Education Data Architecture (EDA) and Salesforce Community Cloud that is managed using a single interface. This allowed the administration team to track, edit application evaluation criteria, branding, etc. from single interface. Apart from this, students and their guardians can also view application detail using a single login. The new solution enhanced the user experience as they were empowered to manage several activities such as fee payment, monitoring and tracking status through single and simple views.

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