Businesses can no longer ignore the need to develop a full-fledged relationship with the target customers. Proper communication is vital to building such a kind of relationship, and text messaging continues to be one of the most effective modes of communication. This is because the open rate for texts is around 94%, which is way better than email or any other communication channel. 

Integrating text messaging into marketing and sales functions can help businesses engage their audience at the right time and place. However, the interface of a messaging or SMS platform isn’t intuitive enough to deal with the evolving needs of a business. It’s prudent to integrate the messaging App with a robust CRM like Salesforce to meet the growing needs of a business.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts Using Salesforce Messaging App

One such Salesforce Messaging App is the Smart SMS App, which offers a wide range of innovative features that can take customer communication to a new level: 

Send Personalized Messages: It is possible to send personalized text messages from the CRM-based App to build trust among clients while making them feel special. With the help of a few clicks, text message campaigns can be scheduled and can be saved for future use.

Send Bulk Messages: Salesforce-powered SMS App can be utilized to send bulk messages to a specific segment of contacts to provide information regarding events, promotional discounts, festival discounts, and more without the need to write every single message.

Scheduling Messages: With this App, users can cater to their customers conveniently to them. It is possible to schedule the text messages in the CRM as per different time zones for every client while delivering a personalized experience. 

Re-usable Text Templates: It is possible to create customized templates for every campaign if users aren’t interested in using the available templates. The unique templates created can be saved inside the CRM while leaving room for other essentials.

Workflow Automation: This feature of a CRM-powered messaging App can help users eliminate manual tasks by automating the sales process to focus on closing more deals.

Keyword Text Messaging: It is possible to send a text message or email in response to a text message from an existing customer with a specific keyword by configuring a system to take specified action automatically. 

Final Words: 

One of the best ways to engage with customers is the Salesforce SMS Appwhich offers a wide array of robust features that can help businesses maximize their brand engagement.

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