In today’s competitive business landscape, providing superior customer service has become a top priority for every business. In fact, customer service has become a competitive driver for the overall growth and sustenance of a brand. However, managing customer relationships have become all the more data-driven in today’s hyper-connected world. This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help. In fact, AI can help develop a better understanding of customer behavior and preferences, which indeed is the first step toward excellent customer experience.  

How is AI Transforming Customer Experiences?   

Today, with customers interacting across multiple channels, humongous growth in data has occurred. With this the opportunity to utilize data for improving day to day experiences for customers has also increased significantly. Artificial intelligence (AI) with its ability to store, analyze and process huge volumes of data using deep and natural learning processing has helped businesses grow smarter by providing them with faster and personalized engagement across every interaction. Since ML (Machine learning) is the main driver of AI and depends largely on data to function, helpful and accurate insights can be achieved for resolving specific business issues by providing a set of training data to the data models.  

However, to derive impressive results, data models should be served with the right data along with appropriate data science practice by maintaining good data hygiene.   

Role of Salesforce Einstein in providing smarter customer service:   

Today, the role of customer relationship management (CRM) platform for enhancing customer relationship cannot be denied. Salesforce – with its rich features and functionalities, have transformed the way businesses catered to their customers. But what if you wish to take customer satisfaction to the next level by upgrading your CRM? 

The answer to this is Salesforce Einstein – an AI-powered tool that allows businesses to empower their sales, service, IT and marketing professionals to be highly efficient by providing predictions and recommendations based on your business processes and customer data. These predictions not just help you perform your work more efficiently by automating your actions and reactions but also saves precious time of your employees by making them more productive leading to an increased level of customer satisfaction eventually. By partnering with a Salesforce consulting company, you can get access to an AI powered CRM platformthat can impact customer-experiences and elevate customer satisfaction to the next-level. 

Listed below are features and benefits, which this in-built Salesforce tool provides to its users: 

Increased Sales (Sales Einstein):For sales representative, it’s important to figure out the right leads and close it as early as possible. The Sales Cloud Einstein provides an array of some essential features and capabilities such as Lead Scoring, Activity Capture, Accounts and opportunity Insights, Automated Activity and Contacts Capture that enables Sales reps to determine insights from customer data and recommend necessary action.  

Personalized Experience to Customers (Marketing cloud Einstein): To provide your customers with a personalized experience, it’s important that you understand them properly. This would require you to connect with your customers at the best time, through the right channels (where they spend most of their time), and ways to deliver the right content to them. The Salesforces’ marketing cloud Einstein helps marketing professionals with appropriate recommendations regarding the best products, channels, and content for every customer.  

Proactively Provide Appropriate Content (Community Cloud): The community cloud Einstein recommends the right content (articles, topics, etc.) and assists them to find what they have been looking for basis their browsing history and community engagement. Besides this, this tool helps in identifying members with similar interests so that they can easily get connected.  

Provide Better Services to Improve Customer Experiences: The Service Cloud Einstein integrates suggested responses, which use the history and context of a case to aptly answer customers’ queries. Such recommended cases provide great efficiency by helping you address a particular issue. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Einstein has helped companies provide better customer service, which eventually has improved customer satisfaction ratings. 

Quick Wrap Up:  

As businesses prepare to cater to their current, as well as next generation of their customers, Salesforce Einstein with its ability to leverage the power of the Salesforce platform, as well as AI/NLP (Natural language processing) capability has transformed the way businesses are being conducted. Since this AI-powered Salesforce tool uses predictive intelligence to make your daily experience smarter, businesses will be in a position to make better business decisions, automating repetitive activities and spending time on building strong relationships with their customers.  

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