We are residing in a hyper-connected world where every interaction done digitally adds to the already existing massive volumes of data. Today, with the advent of technologies such as (IoT), humongous data is generated from inanimate objects such as Television, refrigerators, cars, etc. These massive volumes of data have hidden intrinsic value, which should be analyzed for gaining insights that can be further used for making informed decisions. Today, businesses especially forward-thinking organizations are leveraging this data for fine-tuning their marketing, increasing sales while providing prompt and personalized services to their customers. 

But how can businesses turn this infinite ocean of data into the steady stream of insights required to fulfill those expectations? The answer to this is Artificial intelligence, which is being utilized by organizations to expedite the decision-making process. Today, with businesses understanding the significance of providing superior service to their customers, the need to have in place an incredible and advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management) framework increases. Today, AI integrated CRM systems such as Salesforce Einstein are being leveraged by organizations to improve their overall client experience.

What is the need for Utilizing AI integrated CRM?

The amalgamation of CRM and artificial intelligence is like a match made in heaven as they have the potential to place a major impact on the business ROI. According to statistics gathered, an additional income of $394 billion could be made from AI incorporated CRM’s. For instance, users of Salesforce CRM are enjoying the benefits of an IoT and AI integrated platform by providing improved experience to their customers through better and smarter customer interaction. For businesses looking to integrate Artificial intelligence within their Salesforce CRM, it is important that they get in touch with a reliable Salesforce consultant who will be able to guide them through the necessary actions regarding the same. 

Ways in Which Artificial Intelligence Complements Salesforce CRM:

Artificial Intelligence can complement or add value to any CRM platform including Salesforce. Let’s take a quick look at how Artificial Intelligence complements the Salesforce CRM:

Automating Mundane Activities: Artificial intelligence can be leveraged to automate mundane yet mandatory tasks such as data retrieval, determination of call lists, etc. CRM systems on the other hand after gathering data about the behavior and preferences of customers recommend appropriate action and processes for the users. This leaves Sales reps with plenty of time which they can utilize in building a stronger relationship with their customers, generating quality leads and optimizing them. 

Virtual Assistants: Sales reps can utilize AI incorporated Salesforce CRM as a virtual assistant to improve their productivity and efficiency. Besides automating several tasks such as customer response, emails, etc, AI-enabled CRM systems can be leveraged by sales reps for gathering data related to web behavior, demographic conditions and more. This helps them to convert sales conversions smartly, generate quotes and a lot more.

Improved Customization, Segmentation & Prioritization of Leads: Businesses can benefit tremendously when it comes to qualifying leads. An AI-enabled Salesforce CRM can aptly share feedback regarding customers’ past purchase history, and buying patterns for qualifying leads. Apart from this, such CRM systems are capable of sending personalized messages to every customer to provide them with a great experience. Also because the information is conveyed via the right channel and at the right time, Sales reps can prioritize leads while suggesting the next steps for closing the leads.

Final Words: 

Today, AI has virtually become vital for almost all business activities. In fact, more and more businesses are resorting to AI for resolving complex business issues while providing superior and better customer value. When integrated with Salesforce CRM, this disruptive technology will enable the Sales team to improve their efficiency, as well as their productivity. In a nutshell, it will help sales reps/ businesses focus on what matters the most i.e. building strong client relationship.

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