Girikon entered into a contract with a leading machinery sales and hire specialist with branches across all states of Australia. Girikon was engaged to implement Lightning- enabled Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Girikon was evaluated among several service providers and selected due to its agility and problem-solving capability. This was evident when the client approached Girikon to co-ordinate a successful outcome between Salesforce’s Solution Engineering team and Account Executives. Girikon initially engaged with the client on a detailed technical discovery to understand the company’s business process, existing pain points using Salesforce Classic, and future enhancements. Girikon understood the Business Use Case, conducted several workshops with both the Salesforce team and the Customer’s stakeholders to determine the appropriate Salesforce license types required to implement a state of the art CRM solution.

The following non-functionality requirements were also identified during the Project’s Discovery Phases:

  • Training and Change management for the transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning
  • Reduction of overall Annual Licence Fees with the best selection of Salesforce
  • Selection of suitable App Exchange Salesforce Apps to align with the business process
  • Design and Development of a cost-effective document archive solution to ensure data and file limits are not breached, and future-proofing the application is done.
About the Client

The client is a leading equipment manufacturing specialist that deals in commercial asset lending for Trucks, Forklifts, Cranes, Construction Machinery, Mining, and Materials handling equipment. The client is an exclusive supplier and distributor of Forklifts, Warehouse Equipment, cranes, and Baumann Side loaders in Australia.

The Client’s vision was to have the appropriate tools, besides access to data to carry out their day-to-day duties by their Sales Representatives. This will ensure that the client will continue to grow and service their industries.

The Problem

The client reached out to Girikon – a Salesforce Consulting partner to review their current business processes, and practices, and seek advice on the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

  • Current Sales Cloud Enterprise Licence Spend was around $70k-90K per annum
  • Current use of Salesforce Sales Cloud and utilise the Lead, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities functionality
  • Due to the current annual spend the machinery sales and hire specialist was considering moving to another CRM platform
  • Inconsistency across the Sales Team in terms of lead generation
  • Account and Contact Duplicity where a 3rd party app used did not allow merging of the Accounts and Contacts
  • Contacts were not validated before entering into the Salesforce
  • Formatting issues with the quote templates and attachments
  • Enterprise license expiry date within a timeframe of three months besides the need for implementation before this date for operations to continue
  • Constraints in the License options and adoption i.e. loss of functionality
  • Approaching file and data limits
  • Lack of clarity regarding the analysis of the existing App Exchange Apps and the best fit thereof
The solution

The following scope was developed and implemented:

  • Configuration of User, Roles, Profiles, and Permission sets
  • Configuration of Record types, Page Layouts, List Views
  • Lead Management configuration – Lead assignment configuration
  • Account Management configuration including Hierarchy set-up
  • Opportunity management configuration including notifications, workflow rules, and Validations.
  • Contact management configuration
  • Account and Contact Duplicate Management
  • Reports & Dashboards including an audit on existing reports and creation of new reports
  • Data Migration from Existing Enterprise to the new Professional Salesforce ORG
  • Classic to Lighting end-user and admin training
  • Integration of Business card reader app
  • Product (Opportunity Line item) and Pricing Management Configuration
  • Development of Document archive solution

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Case Study

Solution Inclusions and Features

Agent Referrer On boarding

The Lead functionality had been turned off in the Enterprise version due to a challenge identified by the client. The Administrator user was only able to create a Lead. The requirement was to enable all users to create a Lead.

Girikon recommended that the standard Lead functionality be re-instated besides assisting in addressing issues related to duplicity.

Account and Contact Management

The client team was experiencing the challenge of Accounts and Contacts records being duplicated in the system. The Dupe catcher app was being used for managing duplicity. Girikon recommended the use of out-of-the box functionality for managing duplicity.

Opportunity Management

During the Opportunity cycle, the Client’s sales team was unable to add the multiple products (Opportunity line items) under one Opportunity.

The requirement was to have the ability to add multiple products to a single opportunity.

Girikon recommended the use of the standard Opportunity object along with the product object. This was configured to meet the Client’s business requirements.

Reports and Dashboards

The client’s team had a requirement to have a single dashboard, displaying key targets achieved by Sales Representatives (Opportunity Owner) or display on the respective dashboards if the display on a single dashboard isn’t possible.

Australian Business Number (ABN) Integration

There was a requirement to configure the ABN check application in the current system. The application would validate the accounts ABN. The client team was manually filling the ABN on the account level.

Girikon recommended approach was to create a custom field and make it mandatory to ensure it is populated consistently. The implementation of the ABN check application was deferred to a future phase.

Mail Merge Standard configuration

The requirement needed was to generate, merge and deliver customised proposals, quotes, contracts, reports, or any other type of document package with the click of a button. They also wanted to deliver the customised document via email, e-signature, download, print, attach to Salesforce, or any other delivery method.

Girikon recommended the use of Salesforce standard mail merge functionality instead of the third-party application that was in place.

Campaign Management

iContact message builder app was integrated with the current instance.

Girikon proposed a journey builder set-up for the sales, post-sales follow-up, and warranty end.

Contract Management

The client team managed their contract outside Salesforce, the requirement for them was to be managed from within Sales.

Girikon recommended the use of contract management out-of-the-box functionality of Salesforce.

Site Inspection form

The requirement was to set up functionality to enable the Sales Representative to take a picture with the application of the site and the equipment and attach the picture/s to related Opportunity.

Girikon recommended the use of Scan to Salesforce application which is free from App Exchange. This was implemented into the environment and was well received.

The Outcome

The Client has identified the following business outcome post-implementation of the Salesforce Sales cloud:

  • Reduction in the cost of licence costs with the use of Sales Cloud Professional vs Enterprise licence
  • Improved the use of the Salesforce software through the identification of pain points and a solution to address the challenges,. Apart from this, efficiency improvements aligned with the implementation of a lightning solution and consistency of the use of the software.
  • Future-proof Data management including management of duplicity, file management, archive management
Customer Satisfaction

“Outstanding Communication”

National Product Support, Training & Marketing Manager

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