Girikon entered a contract with a reputed provider of premium sports equipment/flooring products for basketball courts. The provider was looking to offer prospects and customers a superior experience while quoting and ordering superior basketball courts, and equipment. The sports equipment provider, which is an official outdoor court partner of the National Basketball League, Australia offers unique and high-performance tiles, customizable design courts, netting, and high bounce basketball and tennis court flooring, the quality of which are endorsed by high profile sports administrators and athletes. Girikon was engaged to implement a CRM that included Lightning-enabled Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Girikon was approached by the Client after an unsuccessful implementation attempt by the existing Salesforce Consultant and selected due to its record in quick start implementation for small and medium-sized businesses. Girikon’s track record, quality delivery outcomes, efficiency, and cost-effective rates were taken into consideration during the selection process. Girikon’s Sales Cloud quick start methodology included templated start guides, efficient on boarding modules that can be completed within a 5-week timeframe, etc. were key to a successful and quality outcome. The effectiveness of Girikon’s onshore/offshore model and positive management of senior stakeholders gained the confidence of the Client, which resulted in reduced time spent by key team members during the implementation.

About the Premium Sport Equipment Provider

The Client, a reputed provider of premium sports equipment/flooring products was founded by basketball enthusiasts, with a focus on quality and superiority. Their premium flooring product is considered to be one of the best quality, suspended flooring products in the world. The product mimics a professional indoor playing surface in an outdoor setting and can be completely customized in terms of shape, color, and design. They also utilize Australia’s premium basketball ring system to round out a fully professional playing experience.

The sports equipment provider reached out to Girikon to review their current business processes/practices and provide support on their needs by implementing a quick start package of Sales Cloud.

The Problem

The sports equipment provider used manual processes to track customer’s accounts, contact, lead, and opportunities including product and finance-related data. The following pain points were identified during the discovery phase of the project:

  • Inability to track and maintain the inquiry pipeline across the sales regions concerning different marketing platforms and lead sources
  • Absence of a common platform to view daily activities and next steps related to the Client’s prospects, leads, and customers
  • No information for measuring the engagement such as the number of contacts emails distributed or managing the subscriptions of newsletters, marketing collaterals, etc.
  • No defined process to track the customer’s journey and tracking back the multiple product usability by customers
  • Usage of communication tool like Emails, Spreadsheets, etc that offers limited coordination across the business lines.
  • Manual entry of business contact details for newsletter content and their interest related to different products/services offered
  • Inability to manage the planned event’s lead inflow, their conversion to opportunity, and its impact of positioning product services to the target audience
The solution

Girikon provided the Client with a scalable customer relationship solution as a quick start package that captured enquiries from various lead sources to track and manage enquiry pipeline, enable faster turnaround time for processing customer service engagement, access to complete information of the customer, and their related data throughout the sales lifecycle.

The following modules were implemented to achieve a business process solution:

  • Lead Management (Manual, Web to Lead)
  • Account & Contact Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Contract and Quote Management
  • Reports & Dashboards

scalable customer relationship solution

Project Timelines

Investment Group

Solution Inclusions and Features

Implementation of Sales Cloud by Girikon helped the client to track and have a 360 view of the enquiries inflow/progress, customer details, and sales pipeline to increase the collaboration between various teams involved during the sales cycle. Apart from this, weekly/monthly reports and dashboards generation for a better analysis of business performance is also achieved.

Sources of Lead Generation

  • Web to Lead (Website)
  • Manual creation (BD/Sales, Events)
  • Lead Assignment
  • Lead Duplicity Check
  • Automated Task Assignment
  • Lead Conversion
  • Once Lead is converted information needs to be transferred from Lead to Account, Contact, and Opportunity.

Opportunity Management

  • Opportunity tracking and progress
  • Display a visual summary of the opportunity with Kanban
  • Automate task/email after the deal has been settled.
  • Ability to send an email on anniversary dates from the term start date.
  • Automate task/email after the loan status is “Active” to send up a follow review/ send post settled documents
  • The email needs to be sent when the application has been approved, submitted, and settled.

Account Management

  • Account Configuration
  • Duplicate Management
  • Setting up the relation between business and personal accounts

Contact Management

  • Contact Configuration and set up
  • Duplicate Management
  • Ability to send an email on birthdays
  • Business Address needs to be populated from Account

Quote and Product Management

  • Quote Configuration
  • Quote Approval process
  • Product Setup
  • Product Pricing Setup
  • Quote Email template
  • Quote Document PDF template
  • Product and Pricing Data Migration

Data Management

  • Efficient Data Loader process set-up for Data Migration, implementation, and management, diverse sources including Flat files (CSV, text file, etc.)


  • GMail integration / Setup
The Outcome

The Client team is now able to get a 360 view of enquiries inflow, besides customer details and sales pipeline. The implementation of Salesforce increased collaboration between various teams (Sales team, designers, and site inspectors) that were involved during the sales process. The client has now completely adopted the software and gained increased efficiencies through the task workflows and automation.

Every department can now tag either individuals or teams to share accurate information. With this new-found ease, teams can seamlessly work together to improve the bottom line personalize their dashboard views to quickly locate required information such as customer information, opportunity revenue pipeline, lead lifetime, and performance reports to explore untapped opportunities. With better reporting data, the Client is now able to make resourceful, and effective decisions to reap the rewards of customer loyalty.

Customer Satisfaction

Short term initial engagement with real benefits from the product and solutions scoped and delivered. Good experience with an educated & passionate Salesforce implementation partner.

(Sales Manager)

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