Business sustainability in an increasingly competitive market is challenging, focusing on improving business process efficiency is a key lever.

Having a well-designed business process and a strategy to monitor, review and optimize it constantly, assists with business growth. Most businesses, these days are customer-centric, so having the ability to access customer details, provide prompt solutions to their queries, understanding customer satisfaction, and areas of low productivity can be a game-changer. However, without this in place, you may be dealing with the adverse effects caused by inefficient manual processes. 

A lot of time, money, and effort are spent managing volumes of customer-related data that are generated each day in structured and unstructured formats. This effort is not just cost-ineffective but introduces flow-on impacts such as customer dissatisfaction and dis-engagement, demotivation of team members, and reduced revenue. To ensure increased customer satisfaction while targeting increased revenue, it is crucial to start focusing on process excellence.

However, given the quickly evolving technology landscape, it has become difficult for businesses to keep up with the hectic pace of innovation. Consequently, some organisations are becoming paralysed by uncertainties of wrong investment choices. Salesforce is a proven technology that has been around for more than two decades and is designed to service different aspects of modern businesses.

As an experienced Salesforce Implementation partners, Girikon partners with you and your organisation to understand the customer digital vision and strategy, business-specific requirements, and where you are at your business maturity journey, resulting in the formulation of the roadmap to achieve the desired outcome. Girikon has years of expertise in managing business process automation-related projects. If you are on a journey of continuous improvement or trying to reduce manual processes then Girikon can help you achieve business process optimisation by providing you with an out of the box or customized solution that can meet the specific needs of your business.

In partnership with Girikon, we will be able to identify improvement opportunities:

  • Improve Efficiency: Automating redundant manual processes that are time-consuming, will improve process efficiency. With this, employees will be able to shift their focus to core competencies, which will make them more efficient and productive. Some processes that can be made much more efficient using automation include creating an automatic marketing campaign or using mobile forms for creating a workflow process.
  • Improve Communication: An automated workflow ensures that every process has a complete overview of every stage of the product development process. A unified Dashboard plays a key role in addressing the pain points and improving communication, which ultimately leads to an enhanced customer satisfaction rating.  
  • Reduce Costs: Manual tasks are time-consuming and require multiple steps to perform an activity. By eliminating time-intensive steps, automation can help organizations to make savings in terms of time and, which adds up significantly over some.
  • Enhanced Quality and Consistency: Automation ensures that processes are carried out with accuracy and consistency, which means no steps are either mistakenly forgotten or omitted. With these human errors are minimized, which otherwise can prove to be very costly in the long run.
  • Offer Better Customer Support: Customers usually expect quick and personalized service at any point in time. A good automation system such as Salesforce will record every customer interaction in a single place, which can be leveraged by sales reps to provide their customers with prompt and high-quality services.

Final words:

Keeping up with your customer demands while ensuring they are always pleased is essential, automating manual processes will not just enhance efficiency and productivity but will also pave way for overall business growth. Please contact us for a free consultancy session.

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