Non-profit organizations make every effort to create a better world, but accomplishing their goals has always been much harder than it appears to be. This is because they have to constantly deal with the challenges of raising and managing funds, finding the right volunteers, engaging donors, and organizing their internal and external processes. Apart from this, they also face some additional challenges such as adapting to new technology and staying updated with the current accounting and regulatory requirements.

This calls the need of having in place a centralized system that can help NGOs efficiently carry out all their functions while leaving a lasting impact. A robust CRM system like Salesforce allows non-profit organizations to gain a 360-degree view of their business while moving towards its mission. In fact, Salesforce empowers all kinds of Non-profit organizations through high-quality and cutting-edge solutions that too at affordable prices. To know more about this cloud solution, it’s prudent to partner with a reliable Salesforce partner.

Why Should NGO’s Consider Leveraging Salesforce Non-profit Cloud

Developed on an integrated platform, Salesforce offers a Non-profit cloud solution that helps NGOs to connect different parts of their organization while empowering them to run their complete operation on a single unified system and building long-lasting and meaningful relationships. The cloud solution includes a complete set of Salesforce technologies which besides addressing the challenges faced by non-profit organizations also has transformed the way Nonprofit organizations manage their data.

What is Salesforce Non-profit Cloud?

The non-profit cloud is an extension of Salesforce’s previous offerings i.e. Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP). The NPSP custom app was designed keeping in view the requirement of NGOs and other not-for-profit organizations. The app provides a data model that supports various components such as fundraising, constituent management, reporting and analytics, and community support. Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud has been designed by amalgamating different features from other Salesforce applications, and thus is a complete package solution to meet the needs of a non-profit organization. 

Some Key Benefits of Non-profit Cloud: 

Quicker Response to Constituents: The cloud solution allows NGOs to store their data in a single location and creates a process for managing all the primary functions. With this, process efficiency increases, and the number of missed opportunities is reduced. 

Increased Retention of Donors: The non-profit cloud solution not just empowers the NGOs but also the other donors. This is because, with increased process efficiency and transparency, the confidence of donors also increases so does their retention rate. 

Achieving Goals and Objectives: Besides increasing the overall efficiency of the organization, the analytics capabilities provided by the cloud solution provides intelligent insights that can help the organization to achieve its objectives quickly. 

Provides 360-degree View: By collating customer information (across their entire lifecycle), the cloud solution allows NGOs to provide a complete view of their customers. This helps them to handle and approach their constituents with a personalized touch. 

Fraudulent Activities are reduced: With Salesforce’s non-profit cloud automating and regulating the flow of funds, errors caused as a result of human fault are reduced considerably. The analytics feature of the cloud solution helps in detecting suspicious activities.

Low Operational Cost: With the introduction of the Non-profit cloud, human intervention or manual effort is reduced significantly, which reduces the overall cost of operations. Apart from this, Salesforce also offers NPSP licenses at highly discounted prices to give back to society as a part of their CSR. 

Final Words:

These are some of the significant benefits offered by the Salesforce non-profit cloud. By augmenting the quality of operations and increase in productivity, Salesforce has proven to be the perfect choice for NGOs. To implement a non-profit cloud solution within their ecosystem, NGOs should consider availing Salesforce Development Services from a certified and experienced service provider. 


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